MCAS Miramar Memorial Golf Course

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MCAS Miramar is a really good course for the straight long drive off the tee golfer who enjoys less challenging putts. I played on the weekend so I wasn't caught up with the aircraft noises or military operations, which I kinda enjoying being around on the course anyway. Still they might not give the relaxing atmosphere some golfers are looking for. The base is approximately 20min from downtown San Diego makes it a good stop for vacationing military and retirees. That said...

Tee Times: Getting a weekend Tee Time can be a pain as they won't open up the times until the Thursday AM before the weekend (AD can start calling at 0600 and Retirees after 0700). I understand how this can prevent people from booking up the course but it makes it real hard for folks planning a vacation from out of town. I ended up getting through while going through security at the airport. Needless to say we got our tee time and had a wonderful day on the course.

Clubhouse: One of the nicest clubhouses I've come across on military courses. Extremely well cared, loaded with good quality gear and friendly helpful staff. The restaurant is run by Denny's, which took me off guard but as it turns out was a great idea. This had to be the best military base course restaurant, food and service...that I can remember. They really need to give professional restaurateurs more opportunity to do this on other bases.

- Driving: The driving range is grass. Big plus for me as I can tee up at the height I play on the course. Matts don't always allow for this. I like that you can hit far distances on the range but they're not only clearly marked...or at least not for some with bad eyes, lol. I did like how the ball dispenser works off of dollars, which gives you approximately 17 balls per $1.00.
- Putting: This practice area is quite large and maintained as well as the greens match the course making it one of the better ones I've used in prep for the course.

- Fairways: Straight, long, long and long. Don't expect to see a picturesque course like what's found on private courses and some Air Forces courses, lol, and you'll be more than pleased. The grass is maintained pretty dang well throughout the course with a few areas of thick growth paralleling the fairway. These areas may not look like much but they can really cut distance off your short on the shot should you be unluckily enough to digress from the fairway. There isn't any slope to contend with and only a couple water hazards. All the Tee Boxes are well maintained from the longest Blue shot in the county to woman's Red Tee area.  
- Greens: Moderate to large sized extremely well cared for with a fast speed and no dramatic breaks but the breaks it does have can turn a soft shot into a 2 putter. The apron surrounding the greens varies from slight height to think and not to forgiving for a long apron putt.
- Bunkers/Sand Traps: The bunkers are fairly reasonable with only a few holes having a height that makes it extremely difficult to get out off the sand. That said one hole is a bunker nightmare. We all seemed to avoid it but painful if you get caught up in one of the many around the green, good luck.

Overall: This is a really good course at a pretty good price, great price compared to the rest of the area. Taking everything into consideration, the flat long fairways and lack of slope on the putting greens I'm giving it 3.5 Stars and rounding down due to the pain on booking a Tee Time. However, I'll be back and I'm sure another day on the course will probably push it up to a 4 Star rating. More to follow...

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Miramar golf course is one of the best Marine courses I have ever played... The greens are done of the best in the San Diego area. The always roll true and hold shots nicely.. The layout is not super challenging but there are a few very interesting holes . I recommend you play here if you are in the area.

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I've been playing SD\Temecula golf for 14+ years now and not until recently had I played MCAS Miramar. I cant believe it took me this long to play here.  I enjoy Admiral Baker North course & North Island NAS so I have a predilection for military courses. The course is not too difficult so I plan to bring my kids here when they begin learning the game I enjoy so much.

The guy behind the clubhouse counter was very friendly. He was really the only staffer I came in contact with. I was playing at 10am on a weekday. The pace of play was excellent even though we were following walkers. I was embarrassed to be riding in a cart as this is a VERY walkable golf course. Bring your push cart. My favorite hole is #9. The 600+ yard par 5. I think it may be the longest in So Cal.  

I played from the back so I got to enjoy the length of this course. Quite frankly the length is really what makes this course even remotely difficult. It's a STRAIGHT and FLAT course with very few turns at all. The trees are mature and I was under them a few times but never felt like I was "out of the hole" because of them. Some holes have a little bit of water.  The fairways had some patches of mismatched grass but this is a public course and quite frankly i see this condition on a lot of courses here in SD. An excellent value for a sub $50 green fee. I played with a buddy who was back for his third round. We will definitely be back.

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Played here yesterday for the first time ever. Being Government, we get good rates to play, can't beat 37 bucks with cart.

Hardly any dry spots, so that was a huge plus. But like some other reviewers have noted, it was definitely drenched, pretty soggy on a lot of holes. Sometimes became an issue.

It is pretty straight overall, but don't let that fool you for being easy. There are plenty of tough holes with trouble.

Overall, I am sure I will play here again.

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I love this golf course! I play here more than any other course in San Diego, so I can't help it if I feel like a professional on some holes. The grass is usually always a little soggy but overall not bad. They are constantly working on the landscaping always trying to maintain and improve the course. A couple of the holes are really hard and can definitely wear you out.

For refreshments and revitalization the snack shack on the 4th/15th holes (i think) is good for a hot dog and soda or you can hit up the club house for a burger or turkey sandwich on the 1st/10th/18th holes. Lunch is pretty decent. I wish they served coke products instead of pepsi!

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