Mayfield Country Club

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Very nice atmosphere and great event.  Looks like a nice golf course.

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Whoa, this place is the city!  One second I'm driving past BBQ joints on Eddy road and then all of a sudden I'm in a serene country club looking over rolling green golf courses!

I went there for a party and I was honestly impressed!  It was nicely re-done but still retained a sort of "old boys" country club feel in every nook and cranny.  Their patio is gorgeous and overlooks not only their pool but those aforementioned rolling greens.

The food that was provided must have been labeled "pasta bar" but I didn't quite get that going through.  I though the bow-tie pasta was just boring butter pasta and those sauces at the end were gazpacho and mushroom soup.  Oops?  I was wrong, it was actually delicious when I figured that out too...

One thing that I really appreciated about the event last night were the wait-staff.  They were prompt and courteous.  At one point, a lady came up to one of the bartenders and asked for a red Chardonnay.  He correctly came to the conclusion that she wanted a red Cabernet.  Note: This is why I could not be a bartender.  I would have just looked at her in confusion and disapproval...oops?

In short, great place for event, great staff, delicious alfredo and from past experiences, they also have a really great curling...'court'??

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