Marbella Country Club

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Beautiful wedding venue.  This was an awesome place for pictures. The bar sucked. We had a shitty bartender who had a power trip and decided to close the bar early for no reason.  The father of the bride had to beg him to open up the bar (nobody had even begun dancing yet!), and he did so but with a bad attitude.  Idk if i would come here for a party again

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We had our friend's wedding dinner rehearsal here not too long ago.  

The parking is abundant and can accommodate a large number of guests.

Unfortunately the decor inside is quite outdated, however the outside area, under the stringlights was lovely.

Our dinner was scheduled to start at 630 however dinner wasn't served until well after 830. I'm not sure if that was due to the venue's readiness (or lack thereof) or the other wedding-related preparations prior to dinner.

Dinner was executed fairly well. It was buffet style and were served tropical themed fare to match up with the wedding theme.

I cant comment on the golf course or the ceremony area because it was late in the evening and we did not have a chanc to see this place its full bloom.

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Awesome course, the practice facility is one of the best in the area, and always is in great condition . The dinning and clubhouse are also excellent.

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Been a member since I was born and now that I'm older I take full advantage of their snack bar, swimming pool, gym, exercise classes, and spa!

Sometimes when I don't have cash and don't feel like going to the bank I just go to the snack bar because whatever I get just goes on a bill we pay later haha

I probably spend most of my time in the women's locker room, where I like to relax in their jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna room then shower and get myself ready for a productive day ahead of me!

I've realized that taking care of me, myself, and I is very important so going to Marbella at the beginning of my day gives me energy and assists with how productive I decide to be throughout my day.

I'm so privileged to have parents who became members here and am constantly appreciative of this luxury they have provided for my sister and I.

I also enjoy attending Marbella's Mother's Day, Father's Day and Easter brunches with my family! The food, the service and the views are great!

I don't live here so this is my home away from home :)

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The wedding coordinator Tara did not make me feel welcome there...our appointment/tour  ended within 10 minutes and she was not very helpful at all.

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