Maplewood Country Club

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They do quite a job here.

The staff is friendly and professional.  The food is surprisingly exceptional for a country club.  I've only been for 1 wedding, but I have been for several seminars, and I'm always surprised at the spread they put out for the seminars.

The last seminar I went to had a small cocktail spread consisting of fresh fruit, cheese, Italian meats, and Cru De TE.  
They then went on to offer a buffet that consisted of chicken with mixed veggies and steamed vegetable dumplings and Peking duck wraps.  Sauteed salmon, penne ala vodka, and I'm sure I forgot a few.  They also had an outrageous dessert spread with coffee/tea, multiple flavors of ruggala, cookies, cake, and comically, twinkies and devil dogs.
On top of all of that, they passed coconut shrimp, shrimp cocktail, beef wellington puffs, perfectly cooked lamb chops, spinach puffs, veggie quiche, and more.

It was quite a spread for a 2-3 hour seminar.

The establishment is well decorated and clean, and the view is absolutely spectacular.  I was VERY impressed.

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We just had our wedding here and are beyond thrilled about our choice of the venue. Everything was perfect. We would recommend MCC to anyone searching for the venue. Can't go wrong. We can't wait for one of our friends to get married here so we can enjoy being guests.

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