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I was fortunate enough to get invited here as a guest several times for lunch before and for the first time I was able to put my links to use on their fantastic course.

While this members only club is extremely hard to get admitted to, should you ever have to opportunity to play here, DO NOT PASS IT UP. For fairness to the guest who allowed me to play along with the other members privacy, I wont divulge the names of known members or the annual fees for the club, but I can say that you wont find your average middle class worker as a member here.

You pull your car up to the valet who will unload your golf bag for you then head to the very elaborate wood finished locker rooms where an attendant will see to it that your things are taken care of.  You can grab a bite to eat or a drink in the dining room or explore the pro shop.

By the time you walk outside, golfcarts are waiting with your bags already in the back. At this point you can go hit the club supplied balls on their range, or practice your chipping or putting at their designated locations.

The course itself is extremely well kept.  Player or their caddys seem to do an excellent job of replacing ball marks and divots.  The fairways and greens were well maintained and this was by far the greenest course I have ever played on. Tons of ravines and bunkers make the play challenging, yet a memorable experience. I loved the added touch of the coolers filled with water on many of the holes.  

The best part about private clubs are there are never crowds of people waiting for their tee-times.  We were the only ones on the course for most of the day and one of 3 groups in the clubhouse.  

After our round, a hot shower in the locker-room that is well stocked with necessary as well as many additional and unexpected toiletries did the trick before heading back to the dining room for an early dinner.  The food was as expected excellent.  I was a tad hesitant to try anything with grilled chicken since most grilled chicken dishes I have are usually dry and lack taste.  However, upon the insistent request of my friend I have the Peter Luger Chicken Wrap a try.  Ladies and gentleman,  it is official.  I have found the perfect chicken wrap.  I can only tell you the wrap involved grilled chicken, peppers, onions, and it was marinated with heaven.  

I would probably get this wrap every day if I could.  So whenever, you folks at Manhattan Wood's invite me to become a member for free, I think I will probably cover the annual fee just by purchasing a ton of these chicken wraps.  

I walked out the front door to find my car up front, my bag loaded in the trunk, and my shoes having the best cleaning they have had since I first got them.

I really hope to be back soon.

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