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Played here several times over the past few months w/friends, but yesterday was the first time I played the twilight and was paired up with 2 other unknown golfers (thanks that they were cool dudes to play with since I am still learning the game).  The twilight play is half price and starts at 330pm on the weekend (230 pm week days).  Unfortunately the group ahead of us was really slow, but we were patience as they finished their round and our back nine went faster so we were able to get all 18 holes in.
The staff was friendly and the course is decently maintained (some areas have been neglected and needs improvement). The view is great and the planes landing/departing in the back drop adds a unique experience.  I don't mind the noise either, since I've worked around aircraft for the past 24 years.  
The overall golf outing at Mamala Bay is very good and I shot the best score yet.

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Mamala Bay is STILL our favorite once-a-month course to play.  We always eagerly await our tournament and sometimes we'll try to get in a round or two extra within the month. We look forward to its challenges to our abilities and the lovely scenery that often distracts us.

It's awesome to watch the commercial and Military planes takeoff and land. The course is always well-maintained. There's a new golf pro who has taken over the management reins and is committed to continue the smooth operation of this recreational service.

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Great course for a great price! Management and workers are friendly and helpful. Its on the water and other than a large plane flying over, it is in great condition and enjoy playing there.

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Mamala Bay has become my favorite Military course on Oahu and I've played them all. It's a beautiful course that is well maintained and staffed by some really nice folks that don't have the attitude you may find at other courses (*cough*Navy/Marine*cough*) on the island. The course is fairly challenging and there are plenty of obstacles along the way. This is one of those courses that can satisfy (most) golfers at any level. Overall, I'd say Mamala Bay is an 8.5/10 because of the hassle free play, great staff, and great play.

Mamala Bay is deep into Hickam Air Force Base past the beach and rec areas. Speed limit is 25mph nearly the entire way so it will take 10-15 minutes to get there from the gate. As with all military installations, you will need a CAC card, a vehicle pass, or a sponsor to get there but it is all worth it. There aren't any Starbucks on Hickam as far as I know, but you can stop by the Burger King on your way if you need a cup of joe before you tee off, but you'll have more options at Moanalua Shopping Center.

Tee Times:
Most courses in Hawaii require a kidney or other blood sacrifice in order to get an early tee time, luckily not here. You could get a foursome walk on almost every weekday except for a holiday maybe, but I'd call ahead just to make sure. If your schedule is packed on the weekends, this is an awesome place for a Pau Hana round with great twilight rates.

Getting a weekend Tee-Time is a bit unconventional but I've not been disappointed so far. Call by 3:00PM on Wednesday to get your name on the list and then call back Thursday Morning after 10:00AM to see what time you drew. You don't have to take the time they offered, but it should be close to what you requested; early morning (0630-0845?) or late morning (0930-1200ish).

The Play:
Mamala Bay isn't the toughest military course on the island, that distinction belongs to Klipper at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, but it is definitely the runner up in my opinion. There are (4) Par 5 and (4) Par 3 on this course with plenty of yardage across the course.  Fairways are nice with a little room for error but there are sufficient obstacles to keep you on your toes. Greens are typically good (8/10) and they change quickly at around 9:00AM; I misread them a lot but I am pretty sure the holes are close to an inter-dimensional rift because my putts break uphill. :D

The driving range is great with roomy stalls and alternates between mats and grass every couple days. Small Buckets (approx 20 balls) are $2.00 but bring some ones as this machine doesn't take credit cards or larger bills.  There are (2) large putting greens and a pretty cool chipping area with a bunker to give you a little diversity.

The Pros (Golf Pros):
I am not a pro by any stretch and my long term goal is to shoot 95 without taking any mulligans or "gimme" strokes. Since that goal wasn't getting any closer, I decided to take some lessons to see if I could break through and it has made all the difference.  5 lessons were $125 I think and worth every penny.

Charlie did a great job and he was accommodating, helpful, and made sure that our time was spent working on my game not his philosophy or setting goals that I won't reach. We spent time at the driving range and the Par 3 as well and I really appreciated that live play instruction. It gave me an immediate result to the changes I was making and I could see the effect I have a lot more confidence from the first tee all the way to the last green.

I can't recommend lessons enough, but definitely recommend Charlie and the pros at Mamala Bay as well.


The Pros... couldn't help myself with that one. (10/10)
Staff  (10/10)
Beautiful course (8/10)
Great rates (9/10)
Easy tee-times (9/10
Challenging course (7/10)

Long Slow drive through Hickam AFB (6/10)
Close to the airport and noise (6/10)
No Starbucks nearby (1/10)

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Everytime I'm back in the islands I try to catch a round of golf with my Dad and we come here because it isn't entirely busy (b/c we drink and play slow haha!) and we play twilight when the sunsets with the airplanes nearby from HNL just making a beautiful backdrop.  The golf course itself is pretty hidden back on Hickam AFB but once you get there it's almost your own!

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