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For someone deciding whether to hold an event at Mahoning Country Club, this review might be written from an unusual perspective.  But you may find it enlightening.

I live in California and was in Ohio to DJ the wedding reception of my cousin, who lives in Canfield.

Prior to the event I didn't have any contact with the Country Club, so I had no idea what to expect.

Upon my arrival, the staff was very friendly, led me to where I was to setup and offered me the password to their wifi and showed me the best place to plug in.  Once I was setup, a server brought me a pitcher of water and a couple glasses.

Now you may be thinking - this is standard stuff right?  Well, not really.  And especially not how most places treat a VENDOR.

In my experience, when places roll out the red carpet for the vendors, they really know how to treat people.

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This place has been here for as long as I can remember.  It was the choice for my sister's reception of which was again, a good choice.
    There are three different halls of which we were in the "Red Room".  Although they recently did an entire make over and renovation, it still had the old mafioso feel that is or at least was the mystique of the Mahoning Valley.  It was a ball room style hall with a large dance floor, good size bar and plenty of seating for the 250 or so guests.  The decor was beautiful and was exactly what my sister wanted.
    The food.  I must say the food was pretty darn good.  It was a buffet style set up that included salad, fresh bread and rolls, pasta and meatballs, baked chicken, marinated roast beef with mushrooms, butter potatoes and garlic and almond green beans.  I had a little of everything and it was all very tasty.  Much better than the last time I was here of which was several years ago.  I heard that new owners took over which could be the reason for the better food and building face lift.
    A great choice in the area for a wedding reception, graduation party or banquet.  yes, they have an 18 hole golf course of which I can't review at this time as I haven't played in approx. 5 years.

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