Magic Hills Golf Club Inc

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Tin Cup!!!  (go watch the movie if you don't get the reference)

Probably one of the worst golf courses in the area...but it has it's perks!

First off, you can play at night!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????
Yep, they have lights here.  Large poles with lights on top that light up most of the course during the evening hours.  I think they start closing at midnight, but you might want to check first before going out.  It is great fun playing at night...something that I haven't seen at any other golf course.  If it is hot out, bring mosquito spray, and plenty of balls, as sometimes it will be hard to find your ball if you are not close to one of the lights.  

Secondly, it is cheap.  Great place to take kids and beginners.  Only $6 to walk 9 holes during the weekday before the evening hours.

Negatively, the course is not that good.  OK, honestly, it is pretty bad.  Every green is thicker than my living room carpet.  All greens are elevated in one way or another which makes it tough for beginners to get it on the green without getting frustrated.  It's probably the reason the greens are so long now, which helps newbies out staying on the least that is my guess.  Tee boxes are pretty chewed up, and the clubhouse is quite sparse, but the bathrooms are clean.

There used to be a coke machine at the tee box on the third hole.  My kids say that that was the best part of the course.  It was pretty cool to bring some change with you during a nighttime round of golf, drive up to a tee box with big red glowing box next to a bean field, get a cold soda and keep on playing.  I wish they would bring that back.

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