LuLu Country Club

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Great course, each hole is very different and challenging. Course plays a lot longer than yardage states. Decided to join 2 years ago and staff is amazing Jon Rusk and Andrew Rohrer are absolute professionals as well as Bob in the Pro-Shop. Jon and Andrew are always there to make each round enjoyable. The best thing about being a member of Lu Lu is the camaraderie created by the members. Its not often that you immediately connect with folks there from all different ages and welcome you into the Lu Lu Family so to speak. If you have had a bad round everyone is always there to console you to give a positive outlook that there are better days ahead and just the same if you are having a great round. Lu Lu seems to be evolving back into the glory days of old where it was the place of all places to be a member of. Make the trip, enjoy a great round and hopefully decided to become a member and experience warm reception that I received for the past 2 years that keeps continuing.

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This course is ok.  Not great or memorable.  Not worth $78 greens fees that's for sure.  It's short, but plays longer than the card reads to be honest.  Greens are very soft and receptive (not like Donald Ross courses I've played at all). Fast greens, though people are a bit careless about fixing divot marks when I was there.  Probably because there was a tourny.  Took 5 hrs to play too.  Late start, crappy halfway bar that comes into play around 10-12th hole and not in a location that speeds up play.  Clubhouse was meh.  Pro shop and staff were kinda rude to us and acted like they were doing us a favor serving us or getting a cart.  Oh and you have to walk across 3 fairways to get to a driving range.  It was mid 90 degree weather and not once did we see a drink cart come by.  This place isn't doing itself any favors.

I wouldn't play here again. I've played worse, but you can find better courses much cheaper that will treat you like a valued customer and play in 4hrs or less nearby.

Save your $.  For $78 I expect a pristine course with a nice pace of play....we waited to tee off on almost every hole.  This place is showing its age.

Try JC Melrose instead.

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Great course!!!  You can't go wrong with a Donald Ross design.  I play this course a couple times a year and really enjoy it.

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LuLu is an excellent golf course, but nothing more. If you are looking for a private country club, one that you and your family will enjoy for years to come, you need to look elsewhere.

LuLu advertises itself as a "private" country club. What they do not tell you when taking your membership dues, is that they are really a public course, with a bunch of people who pay membership dues. The "member fore a day" program allows anyone off the street to book a tee time online, and hack up the course. You want to get out on a nice Saturday morning? Good luck. There won't be any times available unless you want to play with the LuLu clique that takes all the times. Want something from the Pro Shop? Too bad, there is never anything in there, but they want you to pay $150 to "use" the Pro Shop. You want something to do with the kids and family on a hot summer weekend? Too bad, they closed the pool after they took your money. Let me tell you, there is nothing better on a hot summer day than looking at the pool in your club, filled with black water and overgrown with weeds.

The average age at this club is probably 60+ and families with kids are few and far between. Keep that in mind if you think there will be anything for your family to do, or if you're considering enrolling your kids in any kind of juniors program.

The locker room is disgusting. The bathrooms look and smell like something you'd find in a gymnasium. There are visible mouse traps in the corners, and the carpet and subfloors are rotten.

The clubhouse is 100 years old and looks it. Dinner on Saturday night resembles a morgue more than it does an active country club. The awning on the front of the building fell off 3 years ago, hasn't been replaced, and the marks from the old brackets haven't even been painted over.

I would be very hesitant to give this place any of my money, especially if I were planning a wedding or golf outing. There are constant rumors that it is going bankrupt or being bought out. There are plenty of other very vibrant clubs in the area. I strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

On a positive note, the staff is always very courteous and friendly, but this just isn't enough to justify a membership to LuLu.

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