Lost Brook Golf Club

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It serves its purpose well. The greens and fairway are in good shape. It's a great course for beginners and is straight. The water holes (there are 2) are not particularly difficult.

If no one is in front of you, you can sail through the course - I finished the front 9 in 50 mins. But if a bad group is in front of you or the course is crowded, it'll take some time (the back 9 took 1 hour and 40 minutes). It's cheap (20 for 18 holes after 3pm on weekends.

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The greens are in great shape for this short par 3. I was impressed by how nice the course is maintained.  I'll certainly keep going.  

As others note, there's nothing particularly challenging about this place as the greens are fairly large generally unguarded by bunkers.  There's some water you need to carry but it's more of a mental thing.  For a bit more challenge, don't use a tee.  Regardless, this is the perfect place for beginners to get the feel of the game.  Teed off at 9:30 on a weekday as part of a twosome and we got through nine in a bit over an hour.  

Be careful not to drive by it.  The most prominent sign says Meditech greens.  Look for that and you're there.

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This place is a step above your average par 3 course. It's not a thinker's course by any means-- every hole is straight-- but it will require to choose your clubs carefully. It's a nice respite from a standard 18 hole course that leaves you drained, this will take about 3 hours walking and is a good way to get some practice in without committing to an entire full round.

It is well maintained and a solid place to squeeze in a few quick holes.

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As a beginner golfer, this course is perfect for me.  Yes, the holes are somewhat boring, as many are just straight-away 190-ish yards, but it forces you to focus on hitting it straight rather than long.  I enjoy this place.  I can see myself coming back even if I do improve my golf game for the purpose of concentrating on hitting straight.

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Good place if you're just learning the game.  I brought a few beginners here and only use my 7 & 9 iron and putter.

You can easily play this course in about 90 minutes unless you get some really bad beginning golfers in front of you.  I think this course is mostly frequented by older women's golf leagues.

Hint:  On weekends play after 3pm on Sunday and you'll shoot right through.  Watch the 9th hole as it is very short and you may hit a car driving out despite the net.

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