Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course

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This pitch & putt is quite possibly the worst golf course I have ever played.  Expect to have at least 3 foursomes ahead of you right on the 1st tee.  Expect at least one of those groups to consist of joker hipsters playing "ironically" and yelling "GET IN THE HOLE!" every time one of their buddies swings a club.  This place also seems to be popular with families, there were plenty of kids out there hitting the ball all of 15 yards and getting on-course lessons from dad.  Needless to say, expect the pace to be slooooowwwww.  And all this was on a Wednesday afternoon, can't even imagine what the weekends look like here.

The course itself consists of tee shots off worn out mats, narrow dirt fairways and greens that are smaller than most studio apartments.  If you're a pure beginner (read: bought a couple clubs from the 60's at a garage sale earlier in the day) this is the place to go.  Go nuts.  Spray your shots all over the place, take forever to line up that putt, pretend you're Tiger Woods at Augusta, pound some PBRs, yell and scream, have a great time.

I'm nothing special on the golf course and have never belonged to a private club or anything like that.  Golf is a game that anyone can and should enjoy if they want to.  However, an overcrowded, poorly maintained course filled with first-timers and children just isn't my thing.

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