Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course

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For serious golfers expecting a full course, STAY CLEAR AWAY.  For those who just want to practice their short game and plan to use nothing longer than a 7 iron club, then this is the place for you.

I never heard of or understood the concept of 9 hole 'short courses' til I moved to California.  Maybe they have them elsewhere, who knows, but I've never seen them.  Being a course where everything is a short par 3 or less, don't expect to play a real game of golf here.  Also don't expect to be playing around people who know what they're doing either, and this is a safety warning.  As mentioned in other reviews, this type of course is frequented by people who are often just learning how to play to game, or to make contact with the ball period and as such, their shots can go anywhere; over the fence, onto the neighboring freeway, or straight at your head.  

Now this isn't entirely terrible, first of all its dirt cheap, and not terrible packed the times I went.  Plus its all how you utilize this course.  For those who want to practice their long drives, look elsewhere, but if you want to work on perfecting your short game technique, I can't think of a better place, without investing the full 18 holes and time required to play at a real course.  Just think of it as the pitching/wedge version of a driving range.

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Los Feliz is the best bad course in LA. You never have to worry about offending anyone with your bad play or shots that go sideways. The fairways are all lined with trees and sloping towards the greens so it's like playing golf with bumpers. Great for people like me.

The prices have gone up, but it's still the cheapest place in LA and usually free in the evenings.

Always a classic.

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Cheap no waiting but careful about errant shots.  This is hackers' paradise.  No matter where you are u can get hit by a ball.  I've seen guys hit balls at 90 degree angles to the tee (or really the turf mat)

Surprised they don't require helmets...

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I guess I would consider myself a regular because I play 2 or 3 times during the week after 7pm for free.

It's true this course attracts lots of newbies that have no golf etiquette, let alone carry a divot tool, but I've never found anyone to be completely unruly, malicious or littering.

All in all I say it's fun.  There's always someone to join, and it's not a problem if you ask to play through a party.

Thanks to this course, my short game has improved dramatically when I play full rounds at other courses on weekends.

If you're really good, all you need is a wedge and putter. I can't understand why some people insist on carrying all their clubs and bag.

As other Yelpers have said, this course has narrow fairways, so you need to hit it just right to make it on the green and then go for birdie or par.

When you get to the 6th hole, watch out for the low over hanging trees, so don't  go with a full swing, just hit it low and fast.

The sprinklers come on at 8pm on the 1st and 9th holes.

There's a family of skunks that can always be found scrummaging for dinner after 8 pm between the 8th and 9th holes. They're harmless so long as you leave them alone :)

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LFZ!!!!!  Or better yet... the sign says..  _ _ _   _ _ _ _ Z  GOLF LOL!
This is my first trip ever onto a golf course.  Buddy of mine "a fellow yelper" decided to change it up from driving range (considered that I'm now a graduate from hacking the ball...) and move me up to a course instead.  I must say, it was a very enjoyable experience for a big time beginner like me.

The course is narrow and small, but yet good enough for a nice morning or afternoon stroll.  Went on a Friday and it cost us $6.50 now (price increased according to other reviews)  Although there were lots of beginners and everyone is hacking the ball left and right, I found that it's a great practice for beginner because each of the holes requires the golfer to hit them fairly straight (due to the narrowness and the tree-lined setup), which is awesome for me to make sure that I'm not hitting the ball into the residential apartments or straight into the LA river.  I think if a beginner can consistently hit straight here they should improve their game quite a bit.

Overall the game went fairly quick, everyone moved along fairly nicely (perhaps we had a great crowd who wasn't really goofing around)  It is now one of my favorite starting point in golf and I definitely recommend "Z" golf to everyone!  LOL!

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