Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course

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Whereas I once gave them the benefit of the doubt for some cheap, local, afternoon leisure; now I want my stars back.

I knew they were doing some renovations, in fact I was excited about it. A few months ago I went, and some of the holes were shortened, but it was tolerable all things considered.

This past weekend we went, and upon arrival were told there were only 5 holes available, but we could play 2 rounds if we chose. What they neglected to say was that with the 5 holes, they were shortened to a pathetic difference, and that the entire course was one giant hazard.

Come on city - just shut down and finish the work rather than squeeze a few bucks out of people in the interim.

Poorly played.

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Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE. As an avid golfer I thought, well you can't beat $7...but quickly realized by hole 1 that it was a waste of money. Apparently it's under construction, which is annoying enough, but they don't take of the grounds AT ALL. The "fairways" were almost all dirt. Also, no one who plays there has ANY golf etiquette and there's no one regulating to keep people moving.

Anyways, for someone just looking to waste 2 hours on a Sunday, it's a cheap form of entertainment -- but for anyone who actually loves golfing, it's not worth it.

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I recently decided to take up the game of Golf, after several months of hearing my fiend's about how exciting this game is. Since i wanted to do this the right way, I decided to take some lessons at the Wilson/Harding Range. For the last training the pro brought us here and played an actual game of golf. This is definitely a "beginners" course, I was really glad to see that i wasn't the only one that wasn't hitting the balls off course a bit. Will i go back Hell yeah! Practice makes perfect. For the price, this course cant be beat.

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This is a "learning" course. Don't bother if you are easily frustrated by sometimes lethal) wayward balls, trees in your way or squirrels staring at you (horses too....creepy bastards). I'm currently learning to play and I come here several times a week. I love it! I love how everyone sucks, everyone is nice. I've run into a couple assholes, but hey it is LA after all. And it's funny, because the assholes are usually the uptight dads that bring their stupid douchey kids with them who think they're hot shit little golf prodigies.

Staff is very friendly, bathroom is clean (although the port- a-potty is full of spiders) and there's always plenty of parking!

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Don't let the 5 stars mislead you...it's a dump. Poor hole upkeep, varmints running amok and tiny golf balls whizzing by your brain.

That said, it's absolutely the most fun you can have on a golf course with people that are terrible. Seriously.

For the price you are not going to beat it. It's grown-up mini golf and about the same price. They rent clubs for a tiny amount, buy balls for almost nothing and free pencils and scorecards...boo ya!

Tips...wear a helmet, protective goggles then grab a beer and your best hipster attire. Leave your bag at home. If you can't play it with a wedge and a putter...well...bring something slightly bigger.

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