Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course

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It's probably a 3 star course, but it's my go-to hometown spot & now that the construction is over, it's really decent. So I have to up it to 4.

Me and my buddies hit this course at least twice a month and some of it is pretty challenging. But for the most part this is a good place for beginners and people looking for a decent practice course to up their game.

You really can't go wrong here. People are friendly, prices are cheap, and the course itself is just challenging enough to be a good time for everyone.

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Course is finally completely open and it looks great! I've been playing here for years and it's the best it's ever looked. They cleaned everything up. No more old light posts that didn't work. No more ivy and weeds along the fences. They took forever but they did a fantastic job. And they didn't raise the fees either :)   Cafe is great too. If you've never played this par 3 course, do yourself a favor and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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I come from a ghetto area, have played at ghetto golf courses, but have had my one and only bad experience here.  People believe they playing championship golf on a par 3.  There are a bunch of hipsters that take themselves way to serious, yet take 20 minutes to get through a 97 yard par 3 hole.  I would love to support my local LA county golf course, but this place simply sucks, people get drunk, and they want to fight over a game. Cannot believe this is in Los Felix

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Now that the sad veil of construction has finally been lifted, allow me to humbly offer the definitive review of the Los Feliz Par 3 Golf Course.

This is the course for both birdie makers and beginners. The tightly lined fairways offer a challenge for serious golfers, while the holes are short enough, even your girlfriend can have an enjoyable round. I once saw guy use a laser rangefinder on 3 (he stuck it within 5 inches). I once saw a foursome wearing skinny jeans listening to to Daft Punk while taking bowl rips every third hole. I've seen 5-year-olds splash the green and elderly men with their middle-age sons carrying their clubs. I've seen a lot on this course, Chi Chi.

This is a happy place. On a Saturday afternoon when the kids from Tregnan Golf Academy come over for the world's slowest tournament, nobody ever gets mad waiting 10 minutes to tee off on every hole. I've had balls drop within inches of my head and not a single "fore" was yelled. Not once did I even get a bit salty about it -- because that's what this course is. It's a happy place where good golfers and poor golfers come together to have a beer and hit off mats. And dodge golf balls.

Even the hikers walking the adjacent river trails and the neighbors in the over-priced luxury apartments next door get in on the action. A few weeks back, a guy walking his horse along the majestic LA River saved my errant ball from going in the drink. He was kind enough to toss it back into play. Yesterday, a luxury-apartment bro chilling and grilling on the other side of the fence gave us a "nice shot" platitude as we walked up to the 7th green. Thanks, man. Gabe did have a great shot.

The prices are just right. On weekends, it's $7; most weekdays are $5.50; and they bump it up to $6.25 on Fridays. Handcarts are a $1, but you're better than that. Save your receipt. The replay rates are juicy. These are not your father's green fees.

The crowded factor varies big time. Go early or go late. It can get a tad backed up on the weekends, so brace yourself. Your round could take 30 minutes. It could take 90 minutes. Relax. Don't be an asshole.

The attached restaurant offers a wide selection of good sandwiches and the obligatory cafe eats. Decent prices, too. It's the same menu as Roosevelt Golf Course down the street, but here you have a front-row view of the ninth green. There's something special about sitting under the restaurant canopy and watching duffers hit up. If you're lucky, someone clubbed up a bit too much and sent one into the practice green. Consider it dinner and a show.

To really understand this course you should know the following pro tips:

1) Los Feliz giveth. Los Feliz taketh away. -- You will lose balls. You will find balls. It's the universe cost correcting. Just do us all a favor and before you pocket that Callaway Warbird, look around and make sure it really is a lost ball and not just my garbage slice coming from the other side of the course. I plan on playing it from over there.

2) Pee before you tee off -- I know there is technically a Port-a-Potty on 5, but that's not for you. The spiders own that now.

3) The creepy recycling guys are most likely, probably harmless -- If you're drinking, at some point you will have to discard them empties. Each tee box has a trash can (hooray for keeping the course clean). But that also means there are rando can-collectors out there. They may follow you for a few holes and even give you a peculiar look, but don't sweat it. Despite their rapist, 100-mile stares, I've never actually been attacked by one of those guys. So far.

4) Mulligans -- You're allowed to take as many shots as you want from the tee box. This is Los Feliz.

5) Edit: After two weeks of guilt, I have decided to remove pro top No. 5 -- a very specific warning about playing with a certain golfer who is there seven days a week. He's still a run-of-the-mill asshole who turns into a real monster with each ounce of Keystone Light, but I suppose it's not my place to name names on this thing. I will say this: Be wary of joining up with strangers. Los Feliz attracts a certain caliber of schmuck some days.

6) Yes, this is the course in "Swingers" -- The Los Feliz neighborhood as a whole has a certain immortalized mid-'90s charm thanks to the movie "Swingers." Now I've never seen Marty and Elayne here, but it's OK to still make references to "the natives getting restless." It may no longer be timely, but it plays. I'll give you an 8.

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This place is a staple for the poor man to enjoy a rich game.  Hipsters can show up in skinny jeans sans clubs and rent em and a golf a round for under 10 bucks. Golf course featured in Swingers movie random Vince Vaughn trivia. Under construction a/o 2/14.

Cheap and fun, bring beers.

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