Los Coyotes Country Club

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Last night I filmed a wedding reception here and it was pretty cool. The large banquet area had about 30 tables and everyone was seated comfortably.  Lots of dance space as well.  There was even enough room for me, the DJ, the band, and all the vendors to work and not be in anyones way.

For cocktail hour, the guests walk out to the large patio overlooking the golf course.  It's a real good size to roam around before the reception starts and mingle.  The staff was very helpful and very good to the guests (and even us vendors!).  I could also tell the coordinator of the place was on top of things since everything went smoothly.  We were all taken care of extraordinarily well.

Dinner was not too bad.  We had a nice chicken breast with vegetables covered in a light sauce.  It was simple and not too much to brag about.  I'm sure, like many venues, there's different options to choose from depending on your budget and what kind of meal you'd like to present.

Since the dance floor was a good size, you could see all the events taking place from every seat in the room.  I displayed a video presentation and it was just perfect.  I'm always concerned that the guests will have a problem seeing it but it was positioned in a great place and with all the lights down in it's entirety.  Bouquet and garter toss had a space for the men and women to participate and not step on each others toes.

For those considering checking this place for a banquet/wedding, I would highly recommend it if you have a large guest list.  There's even free valet parking to take advantage of.  Not too bad!

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my company had Christmas dinner here recently, and was disappointed, every collegue i have spoken mentioned the same.
however the service was superb, all the staffs were friendly and served promptly

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three stars.  it's a nice course, 27 holes.  some of the holes on the lake course are full of shite from the ducks and geese, so sick when your ball rolls through a lump of wet green crap.  the driving range is small but, always stocked with balls and there is a practice area for chipping and bunker shots.

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