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This is a review for their banquet facilities.  

Weddings are expensive.  One of the biggest ticket items is the reception.  The mister and I got married in Italy, but our parents wanted a wedding banquet for (their) friends and family when we got back home.  Finding a nice banquet site that was reasonably affordable was truly a difficult task, which is why we were lucky to find Los Coyotes CC.  I didn't even know this site existed until I was reception site hunting.  We held our event in the Grand Ballroom.  It was a nice space that had a lot of light and it overlooked the golf course.  Our guest count was about 150 people.  We had 15 tables that sat 10 people and we had a ample dance floor.  There was enough space between the tables, so our guests were comfortable.  The food was pretty good considering it was for a banquet event, guests got to choose between the chicken genovese or salmon.  White linens were included in the price, but for an extra cost we got the seat covers with a ribbon that was tied onto the back.  The ribbon was a chocolate brown to go with our colors....light blue and chocolate brown.  Included in the price, we got the use of the bridal room, which came in handy when we needed to change.  The wait staff was very accommodating and took care of issues before I even asked...i.e. putting the cookie table and punch on the outside patio and ushering the guests there before we started the party.  Ashlee was the event manager and she was awesome and had very good customer service.  Since it was a country club, you'd think they would have attitude, but Ashlee was very friendly and worked with us with all the various requests and changes we made.  The only downside is that parking is limited, so if the event has more than 100 guests, you'll have to get valet service, which they automatically add to your quote. Also, if you are having an day event in the Grand Ballroom, the natural light is awesome, but if you are showing a slideshow, make sure your vendor has a powerful lcd projector or see if LCCC's projector is strong.  Otherwise, it will be hard to see your slideshow since there are no curtains to temporarily cover the huge windows.  

Overall, the space is a good value for what you get.  You don't have to decorate much either since the space is nice.  If I have another big event, I would consider using LCCC again.

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Not an easy course.  Very challenging!  Greens are slick fast!  For those who have not played here, you must!  As for old country clubs, one of the better ones I've played.  Not very crowded on Wednesday morning.  

Valley Vista seems to be the common track most play.  Personally I like the Lake course.  The 3rd hole is breath taking.  All these reviews are commenting on the banquet rooms.  

I personally never ate here but the golf is worth it!  This place could get a 5 star but some thing need upgrades...like the building.  But if you are a golfer...do you really care what the building looks like?  I don't care!  I just want to play golf!

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I went here for a couple banquets and multiple dinners.  It's a beautiful place.  You would expect really good food since it's a pretty nice looking country club.  Servers were friendly, but the food wasn't that great.  My boyfriend can probably cook a better meal than the ones served here.  So, 3 stars.  This place has the potential to be better, but not until they step up on creating new, tastier dishes.

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My parents are members here, so once in a while I'll go and play a round of golf and have a meal.  I don't really have much to compare it to, but this place is pretty upscale as you'd imagine.  The staff is generally pretty friendly.  The members are mostly Korean, so it's kind of funny to see Korean food on the menu.  Unfortunately the food is pretty average.  

They always seem to have events on holidays (usually consists of free/cheap rounds of golf and buffet style meals), which is kind of fun.  I always feel a little out of place since it's fancy with their dress code and all, but people seem to enjoy it.  I know my parents do.

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This is a private club thats two par fives away from the house that I NEVER get into because well a) its private and b) I don't know any member that plays golf so c) I never get invited to play.
All that changed when I got an invite to play for a day.
The skinny. This is one nice layout, 27 holes, hilly, quiet, tranquil, interesting layout and fast greens. Tthe stimp meter on the greens were off the wall, at least when we played. The course is divided into three nines, Lake,  Valley and Vista and they all have their own character. Lakes had (ya think) water, Valley was gradually rising and falling blind doglegs and the Vista had elevated tees and greens, surrounded by Mcmanses.
Greens looked like felt at the practice area, and while not at the same level at the Vista, was pretty much as fast in the other two layouts.
We were in a smaller trial, so there weren't that many other golfers around. We saw people when we teed off and saw people again when we hit the 24th hole. This is golfing at its finest. My score skied, cause I was too busy ogling instead of concentrating on my play. In the morning there were a few flights taking in nine holes, and in the afternoons there were a few scattered groups walking about. I bet you if you owned a Segway they would let you use it, which I think is probably the most convenient way to golf, though it would probably kill conversation.

Now, the bar is of course much higher, as this is a private country club.Not the hardest I've seen layout wise, but it felt just right and tranquil. I couldn't believe this oasis existed so close to home, literally.

This is a William Bell/Ted Robinson course, as so many are in the area. Blind corners, elevations, all the standard features. There aren't as many parallel fairways, which is good, and not too many hard traps or water hazards, also good. And since the place is so, ahem, mature (since 1957), the trees and shrubbery are all grown in, layout wise.
Minus one star, cause it pains me to live so close to here and not be able to afford the initiation and monthly fees. Ah to dream, perchance.

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