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We were invited here for a reception and dinner by one of the members.

Dinner including Scallops and Lamb Chops and Spinach Pasta Ravioli was excellent.
We just asked for house Merlot and it was very good.
Desert was baked apple and vanilla ice cream which was just okay.
Service was 5-star.
They come in and play a chime when it is time to be seated.
Jackets and Ties are required for men, and similar conservative dress for women--no minis.  
At the gate they give you a card with the club rules on it regarding appropriate dress and cameras or cell phones.  Cameras, phones, and media devices are to be left out in your car.
There was no valet--you easily self-park and walk into the clubhouse and check in at reception.

I would definitely go again if invited.

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First off...I'm not a member.  I was here for a holiday party recently, and I was very impressed with the place.  The service was incredible, and the food was also very good (shrimp cocktail, lox, grilled veggies, fruit, ravioli).  The whole foyer was decorated for Christmas with the most elaborate gingerbread house display I've ever seen.  It must have been about 15 feet long.

2 downsides:  1) With all the delicious food, I was expecting an equally delicious dessert, but was only offered a variety of cookies that looked like I could pick up at the market.  2) The alcoholic selection wasn't as impressive as you would expect.  Now, this could be because it's a holiday party and perhaps my employer decided not to splurge on the fancy stuff, but even still...the sodas weren't cold at all, and there was a lot of shuffling back and forth between the bar inside and the bar outside.

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Two fantastic 18 hole golf courses right smack in the middle of Beverly HIlls.  Great courses, not crowded (private) and lots of fun.  The staff is perfect.  The food is fun because few places make the stuff anymore and they have it down to a science.  If you want asian fusion this is not it.  if you want solid American favorites made to perfection, they have it.  Lots of history.  A real Los Angeles landmark.  Whats not to like except the price and the membership dues.

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I guarantee you these last reviews including mine are people who are not members of LACC.  When I think about Chris Rock's quote," not rich, but wealthy,"  this is it!  (These are the members how sign Kobe's and Blake's paychecks!)  Get the hint?

Nestled in off Wilshire by the Hilton hotel, I was fortunate to play the North Course considered to be a top 10 in the USA.  This club is not for the bourgeoisie, but for people who are the following: Old, white, rich, and whose family members from the 1920's made their money!

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This place is on another level. You have to have cash money to be apart of this exclusive place. I got to attend a wedding of one of my wife's family friends. The brides Dad just so happened to be one of the owners of Budweiser.

The grounds are beautiful and seem hidden surrounded by the urban jungle. The service was top notch and all the workers seemed genuinely happy to be there.

The food was amazing. Especially for wedding food. The fillet melted in your mouth and the dessert was beyond ridiculously good.

If you ever get a chance to go here just take it all in. It's a little piece of rich treasure heaven amongst so much trash in Los Angeles. This place really take you back in time. What a great evening and wonderful wedding.

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