Loon’s Cove Golf Course

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A well maintained par three golf course with a nice view of the river. The greens were well maintained, although a bit small. A great place to practice your irons in a low key environment. Also can't beat the price.

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Though the course is on the somewhat smaller side, this par 3 course is challenging.

Let's speak to the cons since those are few, but still notable:
- while this is how we happened upon the course, it's located along a main road up to Moosehead Lake
- Kind of small course, as the holes are played tight together
- The most disappointing feature of the course? You weren't allowed to drink beer as you made your way around the holes (though you can purchase and have a drink in their main building)

Now for the fun part, the pros:
- Despite the landscape, you didn't feel buggy--which was a fantastic departure from camping the night before
- Challenging par three; you have the Kennebec River on one side, large and small hills throughout, trees in the center, and the pond to cross
- The course feels private and relaxing, and Maine-picturesque
- The family owners and staff are super friendly
- And the best part, it was crazy cheap:  for renting four clubs, six balls, and one person to play the course and a soda, the bill came to $15.50. Sweet.

Tip:  They accept cash or personal checks, no credit/debit cards.

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