Lone Star Golf Club

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Flat and pretty open considering its location. I think it's a fun course and enjoy it, not as hard as some of the other courses in El Paso but a great day none the less. The bar has decently priced beer and liquor, and a nice setting to have lunch after a match. The reason for 3 stars is just that it's not the most beautiful track, and a 5 star golf course is something that needs to be earned in my book. There is also a nice driving range that is lighted for night use.

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For, El Paso, this is probably four stars, but for the sake of not being misleading, let's just call it like it is. The course itself is nothing special, but it's kept up fairly well. It definitely provides a much-needed oasis of green grass and trees in the middle of the East side's desert landscape. Once you're on the course, you almost forget you're in El Paso.

Greens fees are reasonable. I think it comes to 17 or 18 dollars w/military discount, and that includes cart fee. Also, once your done, enjoy a beer at the clubhouse restaurant/bar on the outside patio facing the course. It's a nice way to finish off the round.

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Lone Star Golf Club is a pretty typical golf course that is extremely flat and not overly exciting.  The course is decently maintained, and actually much better now then it has been in recent years.  

Even though it has a simple design, it will provide a good challenge for even experienced golfers.

Being close to the airport, it's the cheaper of the two airport courses (the other being Butterfield), running about half of what the green fee's are over a Butterfield.  Even then though, $30+ green fee's are a little steep for a course of this quality, and you can find yourself cheaper golf around El Paso that is similar in quality.  

Lone Star is worth a trip at least once if trying to get a taste of El Paso golf, or just trying to throw in a little variety to your golfing routine.  Even though I think of the course as just "OK", I still throw it into my golfing rotation every couple of months just to see how the course is doing and switch up my routine.

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