Londonderry Country Club

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Overpriced, but a nice course.
It was $46 bucks per person on a weekend for 18 holes taking a cart.  It was DEAD, too, and we're talking a picture-perfect Saturday morning.  Maybe no one knows about this place?  Anyhow, we had a good round here.  The first 9 are all par 3's, except for 2 par 4's.  The back 9 are a mix of par 3s and 4s.  No par 5s here, that I can recall.  So, in that way it is unique.  Great place to work on your short game and reach par 4 greens in 1.  The course itself was in GREAT shape.  Lush and green.  The greens were soft and wet, but in good shape overall.  Little road noise here so you can get into your game.  It was dead when we went so we blew through our round in under 3 hours.  I still felt it was overpriced for the experience but, well, I'd probably go back.  I liked it well enough.

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I like this course. I've played here twice now. All of the holes are par 3 or 4, and the longest of which are in the high 300 yard range. Par for the course is 62, i believe (i stopped counting around then... sadly, early on the back nine).

The grounds are well kept and the holes vary a bit in difficulty. Once you have worked on your game a bit at the range, and perhaps even at stone meadow (see my review) this is a really great place to stretch your legs and see how you fare on a "real" course. Even though this is still technically an executive course, it's still long enough for you to get a good feel.

The clubhouse has been pretty quiet when i've been in there, and the prices for drinks and basic food like hot dogs are reasonable. A round on the weekend will cost $30 a person, and it's $20 for use of a golf cart.

All in all, i'd say a good course for all types of golfers. Maybe the site of the 1st annual Yelp Open? Let's discuss this, folks.

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