Loch Lloyd Country Club

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My company had a golf tournament here. I'm not a golfer and I don't understand the game, but this country club compared to others I've been to is very nice. The course was beautiful and staff was very professional and polite. The food that was served for the awards afterwards was awesome as well.

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Went to a wedding reception here.  Quite beautiful grounds and clubhouse.  The reception area was a little stuffy for that many people.  The food was on par with Golden Corral, quite disappointing for this high-end locale.

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Loch Lloyd is a fantastic country club and golf course.  I play here every few months with a business associate who is a member and I always feel fortunate to play such a beautiful course.

Loch Lloyd will have 3 sets of 9 holes to play later this summer.  The newest is a Tom Watson design that will be spectacular, I can't wait to play it later this summer!

The clubhouse is also very nice, I eat dinner here a few times a year and I have always been impressed with the dining operation and quality of preparation.

I am always been impressed with the relaxed attitude of the members and employees of Loch Lloyd, it is a 1st class operation but the people are friendly and don't seem as uptight as some other KC clubs.  Some clubs go out of their way to create a "snobbish" vibe but I don't feel that way at Loch Lloyd.

I actually am always somewhat surprised at how accomodating they are at Loch Lloyd...

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