Live Oak Golf Course

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I'm not a golf snob, so take that into account when reading my review. I've played 9 holes on this course twice in May 2014. I had no problems with the staff here. They have been kind and friendly. The course is fine to me, kept clean and mowed. They have been remodeling the bathrooms and the men's room was not open and they had to use a porta-potty outside. Other than that, the inside was fine looking. There is no "beer cart" that goes around, so that is a negative. There is only one bathroom during the 9 hole course (you hit it twice during the course) but it's early on when you start. I don't like that bc usually when you start the course, I haven't drunken enough to need to use it. ;-) It's an okay course to try, especially if your not a pro golfer like myself. Not a lot of ppl there and pretty easy holes.

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