Limekiln Golf Club

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I've played this course twice and have experienced each of the 9 holes. The layout can be somewhat challenging and most of the par-4s require good placement due to bunkers, trees or doglegs and that is the way I like it.   If you like driver-wedge golf, you had better be surgeon with your driver. Most misses are going to require a punch-out from the trees.

The greens are puzzling.  There's an expression a veteran told me that when you miss a putt after completely misreading the break, "that's Limekiln"  I am no scratch golfer by any stretch of the imagination but I can generally get down in 2 and read a green.  Despite elevation changes and obvious mounds or hills, there really isn't much break at all.  Take a moment to practice on the first green and study the putts of your group.  Hopefully you figure them out before the back 9.

I was paired recently with a golfer who admitted he isn't great and he had a lot of trouble getting the ball in play.  After the 4th hole, we were a shot behind the group in front of us and got a warning from the ranger, which I was okay as I did my best to promote ready golf in the group to keep things along. It was after all a busy morning.  So we pick up the pace and thanks to the way the holes are laid out, some wise-ass from another group approaches our group and wants to give us a hard time with a profanity-laden tirade.  At that point, we had nearly caught up with the group in front and were on a 2:10 pace to finish our first 9 holes.  I've played plenty of 5 and 6 hour rounds to know that a regular golfer has no business interjecting his opinion to a group thats on a 4:20 pace on a busy sunday morning.

I also found, and i dont know if it was just the time & day but people have zero golf etiquette whatsoever.  I was able to locate another group's ball not far from mine  when we were playing different holes.  They acknowledged my pointing down motion and as I set up to hit my approach, the guy yells out as he's driving towards me, "Heyyy thanks man, 'preciate it!" in the middle of my backswing.  I stop, take a step away, regroup and in my backswing again, he yells "Get in the hole!!!"  as I top my shot

not to mention, people loudly joking, yelling and screwing around on the Tee boxes when your green is 40-50' away and vice versa

I wouldn't feel that bad about paying $60 if they found a way to get rid of the crowd who thinks they are at an Eagles game

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