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Played this course this morning with three friends I grew up with.  We are just starting to get serious about our golf game this season so we have some work to do (considering we all shot between 110 and 125).  There was a group of two behind us and a group of 3 (I believe) behind them.  I had no problem when the course Marshal informed us that we needed to speed it up a bit.  However, it did start to bother me when he came back after about 20 minutes and followed us through an entire hole.  And I mean followed us.  He was a cart length behind our carts the entire time.  At first we thought that he was trying to get by.  But, he again told us we needed to hurry up when we told him we left him room on the cart path to pass.  He also stated that the pair behind us had been waiting on us all morning (we asked this same couple to play through 5 holes prior and they told us they weren't worried about it).  Also, we called his bluff and said, "no they haven't, we've been watching them."  His response was, "well they forgot a putter, that's why they haven't been waiting."  What was it?  Were they waiting on us or not?  This was a great way to get us to speed up while maintaining good shots.  Pressure us.  Especially since we pretty much just started trying to be serious about golf two months ago.

Lastly, when I showed up and paid at 6:40am for the round, bucket of balls and cart, I made the mistake of asking the guy at the counter if there was a military discount.  "Uh, no," was what I got.  Not a, "no," "sorry, no" or a, "not as of now."  But a, "uh, no."  What was said was, "uh, no."  But, what I heard was, "why would you even ask if we have a military discount?"  I guess you would have had to of heard his voice inflection to really get a sense of how he said it.  I'm not saying I deserve better prices than anyone else by any means because I am in the military.  I just thought it would be a good question to ask considering after a cart rental, a round of golf and one small bucket of balls it was $50!  But I guess I shouldn't complain about the price or seek some kind of discount considering I got a free lesson in passive aggressive behavior from the Marshal on the ENTIRE 16th hole.

Just to throw it out there, our round of 18 holes took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is slightly faster than the average 18 holes should take.

I will say that it is a beautiful golf course.  They did a wonderful remodel on it a little while back.  However, due to the condescending and arrogant attitudes of the only two staff members that I spoke to all day, I will be golfing elsewhere from now on.  Not to mention that in 20-30 years, my friends and I are going to be the patrons that will be golfing very regularly.  

Really unfortunate, we were really looking to have a fun experience figuring the game out together.

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This golf course was just remodeled and now is the best golf course in Spokane region.  The course has a great layout, its fair if you stay out of bunkers and tall fescue rough, but you can add some strokes if you are not hitting your spots.  The greens are now very good with added slopes and new curves that add to the skill.  Overall the course is great and the bang for your dollar is even better as the rates are low.

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