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I love to golf and we spend a lot of money on it every summer...this course will never get any of my money again...nothing wrong with the course itself...but when we pay almost $90 each to golf, we certainly don't expect all the problems we had...
1.  Wrong tee time was booked...after looking on line for the available time, calling the course to confirm and book, we were booked for a time one hour earlier...mistakes happen, but the staff was not apologetic at all, took no accountability and looked at us like it HAD to be our error
2.  After squeezing us in to a tee time and telling the starter on the walkie talkie- he then had no idea of our time when we got to the starter box, and we had to go through the whole story again
3.  When you pay that much to golf, you expect the workers to be cognizant that you are the paying customer- the staff member came upon us at our hole and proceeded to cut the grass around the drainage areas about 5 feet from where I was hitting my ball...did not stop or even look up when we were trying to play on one of the tougher holes
4.  After the beverage cart worker misunderstood and poured a coffee in error- which she kindly did not charge for, one of  my playing partners had already tipped her a loonie- which he then found at the bottom of his coffee when he finished drinking it...
5.  After waiting on a two-some ahead of us for two holes, we mentioned to the marshall that they had each played two balls on the previous hole while we waited- he spoke to them, then told us two holes later that it should speed up- at which time he said it was due to a group a few holes ahead...he asked us to stay tight to the group ahead of us- a foursome keeping up with a twosome?
6.  A few holes later, he smugly asked us to speed it up now since there was now an empty hole ahead of us- even though we had still been waiting for the twosome to leave the green on the previous hole to finish playing that hole, and waited again two holes later on the 18th as they had just finished playing their tee shots when we arrived at the tee-box

I will be spending my golf dollars at more deserving courses...and will also be telling all my golf friends to do the same...

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I am new to golf and looking to find a place to go regularly.  I found the staff unfriendly, rude, an arrogant here and I will never come back.  The Marshall's were constantly telling me I should quit through the 3 short holes I did.  They gave me a refund but lost me as a customer for life.  I occasionally organize events and will steer clear of doing anything in the future here.

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I love golf.  If I could afford to (and if that pesky "work" thing didn't get in the way) I'd golf every day.

Just probably not at this course.

Don't get me wrong, the fairways and greens were in immaculate condition, and  the clubhouse was clean and staffed by incredibly friendly and helpful people.  This is probably one of the best courses I've ever played.

The thing is, as much as I love the game, I'm not very good at it.  When I'm on point, I can hammer the ball straight for a good 250+ yards off the tee.  BUT, that is sadly not the way things usually go.  Most times my tee shots slice badly.

That is a major, major problem at this course.  Stepped up to the first hole, and all I could see was a row of houses to the left of the fairway, and a big, glaring sign stating "Golfers are responsible for the placements of their shots" on the right.  Not an auspicious beginning.

That being said, I somehow made it through the round without damaging anyone's dwelling space, although I think I might have roughed up a tree or two.

Also, the best piece of advice I can offer is, RENT A BLOODY CART!!!  This is a loooooooong course.  Definitely wouldn't want to walk it.

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Well its recommended that your a straight shooter when you come to this course. You have a slight slice your going to be playing a nervous game. The house are located pretty close and well I wouldnt wanna live there. The course overall was good, marshall was polite not harassing like most. Located in a good part of the city with easy access there. I liked it..Ill be back.

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My review is based on the following aspect of a golf course : tee boxes/fairways/bunkers/hazzards/greens/prices

Tee Boxes -...WOW is all i have to say. no flaws, i don't know how they do it week to week but i never see anything wrong with these tee boxes!

Fairways - when your hitting off these fairways your shots are smooth as butter! Should you be the type of person that drives it straight, your laughing all day! they are very evenly cut and the grass is perfect!

Bunkers - nice sand on half, bad sand on the other. i believe they are in the process of filling new sand on a few holes which helps but then again, just don't go in the sand and we won't have the worry about it!

Hazards - 4444444 ... at houses! the houses can get pretty close on some holes. if you hit a house here tho, you belong on a mini putting range not a golf course! at this point in your game playing at Lewis estates you should not hit a house unless you commit a terrible 1 of shot.

Greens - SPEEDY! and difficult. greens here are extremely challenging. its well worth it tho, you do get a bang for your buck!

Price - mon-wed golf before 12pm for $65 and get 18 holes, cart, bucket for the range, and a $5 food voucher! wicked! any other day, get ready to pay!

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