Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course

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The driving range is open after a year or two closed.

Its not  bad! Automated golfball dispenser, and they take credit cards. Only drawback is there are tons of Canada geese. Some things never change.

Secondly this is NOT a city owned course as I read time and again on here. The course is in two towns. The state owns it. And should do a better job.

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This is a course I go to once a week or so. The rates are extremely cheap so you can't expect a pristine and perfect course. In fact there are various dead patches of grass and different areas under construction where it is just dirt.

However at 6PM on the weekdays it is only $12. You get what you pay for. If you want a perfectly nice and flawless course you will have to pay $120 at some courses around the area. For $12 you can't really complain about it. On the weekends for all 18 holes the price is $30.

The fairways are serviceable and and the tee boxes are fine for the most part. The most difficult part about this course is the rough which has extremely difficult grass in some areas.

I also want to say the staff is always very friendly and willing to answer any questions or accommodate you in any way possible. It is a city owned course so they can't really do much about it.

If you want an easy and cheap game of golf just to get out for a few hours and play then check this out. If you are a more experienced player then you will probably have more success elsewhere.

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Went there very recently.  Driving range is all toe up and nowhere even close to opening.  The snack bar was closed to....I just wanted a golf course hot dog before I hit the first tee box but I was denied....and very sad.  Had a beer every two holes and finished only 7 holes cuz I had to go home for dinner with the family,  greens were in rough shape as always.  Fairways were ok....played the front nine.  I think I can say that I will never go back...once every three years is enough...it's a shame they've let the course get so bad.   Maybe they're banking on it losing so much money that they have to sell it to developers.

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A cross country course build into a gold course how awesome is that

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Course is in decent shape outside of the tee boxes and the greens which are in need of some work. Not sure why the driving range and pro-shop are closed other than the vague "change of ownership" offered by the staff.

The course itself is 2-stars, but gets a bump to 3 because of the good twilight rates.

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