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I had my wedding at Leicester Country Club on June 14th, 2014. I began planning my wedding two years prior and started off working with a different wedding planner. Then came Laura Blessington. Her last name says it all, she is in fact a blessing. I had a relatively small wedding (40-50 people) but was so overwhelmed. I knew what I wanted but at the same time I didn't know and Laura was there every step of the way. She made me feel as though we were friends for years and she just happened to be helping me with my wedding. The day of Laura made sure I was well taken care of and made my reception look better than I could have imagined. I barely had any decorations but whatever she did, she made it seem as though a lot of work went into it. All I can say is that Laura was simply awesome and helpful and downright amazing! I can never thank her enough for allowing me to actually enjoy my wedding day! :-)

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This is for the golf only...went here one night for twilight hours....paid my twenty bucks.....got right offf the first tee no problem....second hole I waited 35 minutes and still havent teed off....at this rate I may have got four holes in.....I went back up to the clubhouse and told the bald older guy working there the situation.....I never asked for my money back I just asked for a voucher if I could come back another night when it was not so crowded( I didnt know it was that backed up on the second hole and he never mentioned it to me either).     His answer was "oh well, we r not giving u a voucher".   I couldnt believe it.....i thought he was just going to say here is your money back since u only played one hole,come back another time.....thats how classy places would act in this situation....I never even asked for a refund.....needless to say I was thinking about becoming a member there that summer also before all of this arrogance...will never go back there and they lost a lot of money not just on me but three other friends of mine that were going to join also..

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We chose LCC to have our ceremony and reception based on its location, landscaping and value, we got much more.  Our coordinator changed months before the wedding which originally worried us but turned out seamless.  The landscaping is gorgeous, venue is clean, food is delicious and the people at LCC are friendly, professional and genuine.  The weather put a last minute damper on our outside ceremony but Chuck, Deb and Cheryl were patient and adjusted quickly to the changes.  It was a relief to work with such an experienced crew when you've never planned a wedding before.

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