Legend Lake Golf Club Inc

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Our special event was a disaster! The owner is incompetent! He reassured us multiple times he understood exactly what we were asking for but the night of the event it was clear he did not take note of our requests. Despite going over the menu with him at least 4 times and providing him with a written description of the entrees, the dishes that were served were NOTHING like what we had contracted for. Worse than that, the quality of the food on the plate was embarrassing (FROZEN FOOD). I don't know how the owner (who was over-seeing the event that night) could have put out those plates in good conscious. They looked cheap and unappetizing! The majority of our guests left hungry and probably also left thinking that we (the hosts) we cheap. Also, the owner never apologized to us and in fact told us they "did the best they could." If that is the best they can do they should not be in business.

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