Leawood South Country Club Inc

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I have become a huge golf fanatic.  I am not a snobby player and I love any course.  Looks like they are doing lots of renovating and it was a bit confusing to know where to go for the pro shop.  All in all, the course was in pretty good shape this early in the season.  There were some challenging holes.  I am looking forward to being invited back by a friend for the couple night events.

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Fantastic Fried Chicken Salad tonight!  Loved the pineapple chunks.

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I was a member of Leawood South for a few years after I moved south and left Milburn country club.  I'll state up front that it was a huge let down moving from Milburn to Leawood South.

Milburn was a club with great tradition from 1917, Leawood South was built in the late 1960's and has a vibe that is more suburban cul-de-sac than grand old club.  Some people dig that vibe, I don't....

The golf course is a mixed bag.  The front 9 is quite boring and seems like it could be part of a muni course.  The back 9, on the other hand, is quite fantastic and dramatic; lots of elevation changes and much more challenging.

The clubhouse is 1960's suburban cul-de-sac... Very functional but not much architectural grandeur here.

I have friends that have been members at Leawood South for many years and they love it.  A club is really more about the people than the course/clubhouse and Leawood South has great employees and a close knit member community.  So don't read this review that Leawood South is not a fun place to be a member.  It just has an average golf course and average club house from an architectural perspective.

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