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The staff here are very kind and accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure everyone learned how to play foot golf and had a good time. In fact I am in a wheelchair and they let me know ahead of time that there were golf carts available and I was able to drive around and hang out with my friends taking pictures. The golf course is well kept and beautiful and our group of twelve really enjoyed ourselves. Also the price was very reasonable. 5 star review.

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It all starts in the pro shop. I play here occasionally only because it's close to home. Almost everyone I interact with here has a little chip on their shoulder.  Haven't met anyone that makes me want to come back and play again. Just a bunch of golf nerds who act like cool guys. I guess in this bubble they are cool. The course is in very rough condition. I have to move my ball on almost every hole to a patch of grass nearby. On the website they talk about using recycled water during the drought but honestly some holes look like they haven't been watered in months and some holes are extremely muddy. I played with a guy who got his cart stuck in the mud a few days ago. The greens are in bad shape also. Full of divots that people don't care to fix and poorly manicured. There are a few holes in decent shape but they said this course went through a 6 million dollar renovation less than 2 years ago so I was expecting a beautiful course. This is the worst conditioned course I have ever played on. That mixed with the attitude at the pro shop makes this place a well below average golf course. I have decided to take my business elsewhere until they get their stuff together. I recommend spending a few dollars more to play on beautiful courses in the area that actually take great care of the course and offer a friendly attitude at the pro shop.

P.S I forgot to mention the hundreds of geese and all their poop you have to navigate, the incessant noise from the airplanes that are constantly landing and taking off at the airport next door, dirty course bathrooms and the freeway noise on the back 9.

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This course is in horrible condition they use reclaimed water but the fairways are dried out and the greens are so bumpy!!!

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Now this what a golfer needs   Polite employes  great food  and good putting   Had to leave   Refunded some money  
Very nice

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Just started to play golf and, since I was in the area, I decided to play 9 holes on the Executive Course at Las Positas today.  

Was charged $21 including $3 for a rolling cart.  This is their posted rate. It seemed a little high to me but maintenance costs for a golf course are high and it's apparent that they put a lot of effort into taking care of the course.   4 stars for the quality/condition of the course; 3 stars overall because of the relatively high cost.

Despite the water shortage, the greens/fairways were green and well watered; over-watered and a bit mushy in some places. Although it's a short and relatively flat course, it's actually a quite interesting and challenging course w/rolling "hills" and strategically placed bunkers -- lots of bunkers and some very thick rough.  So, despite it's short length, it is challenging to place tee shots.  Call it luck but I was able to play through w/o ending up in a bunker.  So, I cannot comment on the quality of the sand, which others rave about, although it probably would have been good practice to hit some sand shots.

There were a lot of people on the 18 hole course, but just me and another solo player were the only ones I saw on the 9 hole when I played it, which was just fine w/me.  This allowed me to take my time and replay as many swings as I liked; I brought a lot of extra balls for this purpose.The course is located right next to the airstrip at the Livermore Municipal Airport and you will get some engine noise from take offs and landings.  It wasn't really bothersome, but people to take their game much more seriously than I do might take exception to the noise.

I ate at Beeb's Sports Bar after I finished my round.  It was ok.  Like the golf course, it was a little pricey but not out of line w/the area.  Food was also ok; nothing special.  Seems like a popular place for golfers and non-golfers alike to meet and eat/drink.  However, I don't think I'll eat/drink there again unless I'm really hungry/thirsty after playing a round. Just too many other options available.

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