Lancaster Park Golf Club

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I've been here probably 60times. I was introduced to this place by a friend who told me he had found a nice, quite course just off 97th. turns out this course it a hidden little gem!
My review is based on the following aspect of a golf course : tee boxes/fairways/bunkers/hazzards/greens/prices

Tee Boxes - I find them VERY consistent and well maintained, I'm not teeing up in dirt or on burnt grass. they are all mostly slightly elevated and get good irrigation to there are no dips in them. they are very satisfying when it comes to their boxes being level. great work!

Fairways - i can't say enough about them. well groomed and not patchy. that's all you can really ask for!

Bunkers - down side, sand qualify. its nothing special, but its also not that bad. on days after the rain, its clay.

Hazards - not really that much trouble you can get in to. the fairways are wide and their is only 2 holes that have water, and they are swimming pool sized. you need to go looking in order to catch these hazards.

Greens - Greens are extremely consistent and well maintained. one of the nicest public course greens I've played. nothing crazy as if i were paying $150/round but well worth the money spent to play here.

Price - Unbeatable! $30 on a weekday, $35 on a weekend. this course costs pennies compared to its quality. you can pick up a half season pass in July for $495 and that most definitely makes your money back quickly! one of my favourite courses! I was a member in 2010 but really did not have much golfing time in 2011 so opted out this year. maybe next year!

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