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First just a word of warning if you are heading here there's a permanent speed camera about 100 yds from the entrance.  Only in liberal MD... I'm surprised the membership hasn't influenced the local government to remove it.

The bag drop / valet here was a little confusing. There is a club drop right in front of the main entrance to the clubhouse.  We stopped to drop bags and out came a valet... Well we hadn't changed shoes or geared up yet so we dropped our clubs and drove off. Came back and our bags were still there not down at the proshop. Not a big deal. I walk frequently at my home course so we carried our bags down to the cart area which is hidden around the lower left side of the clubhouse. The bagboy and proshop staff were very friendly and we were on our way. The other guy that was joining us went to the proshop first to check in and grabbed a cart and planned to drive back out to his car to change shoes and grab his clubs. He was surprised to have the cart slow unexpectedly at the driving range and begin crawling along at 1mph. I guess they have some sort of  GPS-controlled governor to prevent/discourage you from taking carts into the parking lot. So fast forward to the end of our round. Returned back to the  cart area and the bagboy wiped down our clubs and we went inside to use the restroom and grab a cup of coffee. We come out and our clubs were gone and had been placed back up front. Probably would have been OK although they now had a wedding and the valet area was busy.  Just a little quirky/confusing in my opinion to have golfers with bags mixing it up with guests in their Sunday best. I guess you get it after you've been there a few times.

The course itself here is very nice -- although I will say that it does not seem to drain particularly well as we played a day and a half after two days of soaking rain and it was still very, very wet.  So wet that many traps still had standing water and had not been raked out. In fairness the traps here are HUGE and DEEP which resulted in lots of washout ruts. I can't imagine how long the groundscrew must have needed to repair the damage. Hopefully they don't have to face such a daunting task after every storm.  Tees, fairways, and the rough were all in great shape.  The rough here is worthy of comment. It was bordering on excessively long. Probably 3 to 3 1/2". Pretty long for everyday play. My other comment was that there seemed to be a lot of coarse bluegrass (or thick-bladed fescue???) mixed in. Normally I accept the penalty of being out of the short stuff like a man, but this stuff was around the greens too and combined with the wet conditions it led to some cruel lies just a yard off the green after rolling off the green. Maybe I was overly sensitive to it after playing the North Course at nearby Woodmont the day before (which was noticeably drier despite less time to drain).  The greens here were pretty mild. In fact most greens seemed to break far less than you would expect. Great for taking an aggressive run at birdie puts and I was able to ram home many par-saves from the 6-10 foot range.

The only other quirky thing to mention was that there are a few holes where the next tee is not immediately adjacent to the previous green. I want to say it was between 8 and 9 and 14 and 15.  The starter had given us a heads-up prior to starting our round, but it still was a little confusing. A couple of $50 signs would fix this issue once a for all.

Overall I have no complaints.  Beautiful course and I'd love to play it again on a dry day.

Lastly, if you've read any of my other golf course reviews you know that my buddy James always wants to know "How was their dog?" Well as we pulled to #8 tee the cool in-cart GPS system (probably worthy of it's own mention as it had some cool touchscreen options like pick a point on the fairway and it showed you the distance and distance remaining) flashed an image of a cheeseburger and fries with "Hungry??? Click here to place your order." So the dog didn't have a chance... The burger was a nice big 1/2 pounder cooked perfectly dressed with lettuce, tomato, and a thin slice of red onion. It was served with a full order of fries for $11. It's the only way to go.

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I'm not a member here, but my friends are and we are constantly having dinners here.  I love the quiet, clean, peaceful atmosphere.  Grounds are well kept.  Staff are always incredibly courteous and friendly, knowing almost every guest by their name.  It doesn't feel super stuffy or elite as you would imagine most country clubs.  I've had the events dinners (lobster night & cold stone crab night) as well as dinner at the grille (steak, grilled asparagus and risotto); on a not-so-hot summer evening outside, it is perfection.  Perhaps one day I will consider membership here.

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Someone definitely keeps deleting my reviews...  

I have been here several times as a guest and have always enjoyed the experience.  I don't usually get the feeling of exclusivity here which is nice.  The food has always been wonderful and the golf course is beautiful.  Very solid practice facility with a chipping green (with deep bunkers), an extra large putting green, and a good sized range.  The course is always well maintained, has a lot of variety, and can play very tough the further you go back.  I believe they're playing the Maryland Open here next year (2014) if I'm not mistaken.  That goes to show how good a track this is.  Enjoyed it and I hope I get to come back!

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I hesitated to join Lakewood for so long, I felt like the eternal guest. And it was because justifying the expense was pretty difficult.

But I have to say that after only a couple of months, I was absolutely convinced that it was worth it and I was already pressuring my extended family to join right along with me.  

As far as tennis goes, the facilities are great. Four indoor courts, six outdoor clay courts. An awesome team on staff. We've had lessons from all three pros and are never disappointed with any of them.

We don't use the pool often. But my son really enjoys it when we do. With the full cafe, snow cones, and kids everywhere, he could spend all summer there.  They have a great group for swim team as well.

I'm not personally a golfer, but other family members tell me the course is fantastic.  Particularly challenging as they prefer.

There are two dining options. The Grille downstairs (adults only) and 59 upstairs (all ages).  Both have recently revamped the menus with great success as far as I'm concerned.  At the moment, service is a bit better in The Grille (more senior staff) since 59 is new. But I've visited 59 four times now and with just a little time they've really narrowed that gap. What I love though, is that management is so open to feedback. Not only are they consistently visiting the tables, but they also send an online questionnaire after each visit. And these comments (positive and negative alike) don't fall on deaf ears, but are met with interest and concern.

One personal note, I've been so impressed with the membership. My husband and I are young (and tattooed, gasp!), which was enough for me to expect a less than warm welcome. But it has been the exact opposite.  Everyone was incredibly friendly from day one and there are a number of people that we now consider true friends.

We've been here for about a year, and I can't believe how much we actually use the club. I now have absolutely no problem justifying the decision. Our family's home away from home  :-)

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Oy! Can I Yelp a Bat-Mitzvah? Well, it's the reason I came to this rather non-descript Country Club located on the outskirts of suburban DC (aren't all Country Clubs located on the 'outskirts'?). For a Yuppiefied Club, it was rather plain and ordinary. I have been to much nicer venues as this looked more like it could have been a VFW Hall by comparison. Food was really good ranging from pastas to mini-latkes to sushi made on site fresh. Desserts ran the gamut from stale-like cookies to decent Chocolate Lava Cake to really good brownies. Bar had some top shelp booze and the barkeep made a surprisingly good margarita. Beer selection stunk. You know it's bad when Corona and Amstel are the top varieties. Yuengling anyone? Or could you really get interesting and bring in Magic Hat? Nah! Overall, good food and drink but rather blah locale.

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