Lakewood Country Club

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We had a group golf tourney of around 100 participants.  The starter and staff got us out and done within 5 hours of our first tee time.

The bar is pretty small and could barely hold our group.  We paid about $500 for some finger food - cheese cubes, hot wings, fruit, veggies, and chips.  I think we got ripped off - as we got 1 platter of each item.  Total should have been less than $100.

One of the longer and tighter municipal courses.

Greens - surprisingly nice... smooth with nice break on many putts
Fairways - decent coverage
Course layout - some moderate to long holes - 400yd par 4s
Water holes - a few - as the name implies a few lakes.  none of the holes are really protected by the water.  Some of the holes are situated such that you can't go left or need to carry 150 to stay dry
Driving range - small - about a dozen and a half mats
The course - 3.0 stars

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This is a great golf course that is well kept and very moderate in difficulty.  For some reason the bunkers were getting a lot of quality time with my group.  hahaha  The course is fairly wide open with some bunkers guarding and some trees lining the fairway which makes the course great for those with a slice or draw to their shot.  Most errant shots can be played no matter where you hit them.  The putting has some slopes to them so make sure you take a look from all angles.  

Lakewood didnt get that final star cause I believe the starter is an idiot.  I had a twosome but instead of having us start early, the moron decided to leave a 10 minute gap between the last group.  Then allowed 2 foursomes play ahead of us.  To make it worse, he had 3 others join us to  make  5some.  Thanks moron.  We ended up ditching 2 of the guys because they didnt have carts.  

When the starter starts using some common sense, I'll give them that last star.  Otherwise, great course for all to play.

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