Lakeview Golf Course

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If you could mark half points, this would definitely be a 4.5. The only bad thing is the damn power lines! They're on most of the holes and has this terrible humming sound. Other than that, it's a great course.

Being a newer golfer I enjoy this course, 4 of us can do it in under 2 hours. The holes are relatively short, so you can get a couple good shots in, and it's easy to improve or try different shots etc.

The greens are well maintained, the offer power carts and are very reasonably priced. For the hubs and I to golf with a power cart is around $50.

If you are a newer golfer, looking for a fun course or just a quick round, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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I thought I would try this 9 hole course for a change.  The setting is really nice, the first hole is right along the glenmore reservoir.  We ended up waiting about 20 minutes to tee off since they were backed up due to the weather.  The first hole is 300 yards or so, and lined with trees.  It was a tough start for me.  The putting greens were not maintained well, full of divots.  I blame that for my bad putting that day.  The holes are quite  close together, my ball would go on the neighboring green if it went in the rough.  My Husband almost got hit by a ball from the green next to us.  It cost about $25 for a game and cart.  

i wouldn't return to Lakeview based on the conditions and closeness of the greens.

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