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AKA Lakeside Drunk Club. No place for serious golfers. They need to clean up the alcoholics, like George Lopez, who just got picked up off the floor at a Canadian casino. Hell, they're doing it all the time here but keep it a secret.  It's too bad. A great location but a wasteland of drunks.

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Attended an exclusive engagement here during the weekend and I must say, I was very excited to be there. The golf course is so perfect it almost looks fake! The people were very professional and were great. Lakeside's history shows in the pictures they have on the walls, celebrities from Hollywood's Golden Era were spotted in the black and white photos. Dinner was almost limitless with beef, pasta, and seafood that you would find in 5 star restaurants. The topper was the hand rolled cigar station! Standing outside in the summer cool summer night while smoking an Oliva was priceless. I took the hand rolled cigar home! I know, I know, you have your favorite brand but Oliva happens to be one of my favorites so I was thrilled.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time there and hope to be back for another event soon, Lakeside is a class act and they really know how to entertain. It is really nothing less than a 5-star establishment.

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Rich people golf here... I don't know anything about that

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I had a business lunch / meeting yesterday (08-16-2013) at the Lakeside Golf Club. The Lakeside Gold Club is members only. To enter the grounds you must pass through a sentry where you name is checked to ensure you are either a member or on the list to gain access.

Once you pass through the gates you are instantly transported into the land of luxury. You can without a doubt tell you are in the presence of beauty. The Lakeside Golf Club is a stone's throw away from the 'WB' studio in Burbank and you understand that this golf club caters to the cliental of the major studios located in the area.

As you drive from the entry gate to the Clubhouse you pass lavish rolling green hills, lakes & streams which are hidden from the hustle, bustle & noise located just outside of the gates / grounds. Upon reaching the Clubhouse you have the option of dropping your bags off with the valet or parking your vehicle yourself.

Upon entering the Clubhouse itself you are simply taken back in time and if these walls could talk I imagine they would tell an amazing story. The walls are cherry wood, the floors are hard wood floors, the brass is shining without a fingerprint to be seen and the staff here waits on your every need.

The restaurant was nice, the service was great, the staff was friendly, the service was fast and efficient and if you wanted to throw a party there is a ballroom just adjacent to the restaurant for you to use.

I have been to several member only Golf courses throughout Los Angeles and this is without question the top of the line. I look forward to my next visit at the Lakeside Golf Club.

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I am not a member but one of my friends is, I play much golf so I needed to state the obvious.  The course is in great shape, not too over the top, but challenging because of the pin placements and angles from where I found my ball on this wonderful morning.  

The food in the restaurant was very good, of course it should be its private membership, so I dined on a steak and fries, of course this was when we were done playing not at the turn.  I enjoyed a wonderful course, good company and a great meal afterwards.

Looking for my next time there, I will be uploading a few photos, not many but a few.

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