Lake Park Golf Course

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Great little course that can be challenging for any skill level; okay, maybe if you are a scratch golfer it won't be. Very reasonable fees with an "honor" box so you can play even when the clubhouse is closed. Yeah, the greens can be a little beat up, but I think that has a lot to do with it being in a park and non golfers messing with it.

Only really need about 2 clubs, 9 iron or wedge (depending on your distance) & a putter. I fully intend to use this course to pass the game on to my children.

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We came here for their night golf and had a great time. The cost is reasonable and they have local tall boy beers for only $3.

There was a wedding going on in the building near by and they were blasting music so the course was a very fun place to be. If they don't normally play music during night golf I would recommend they start, we really enjoyed it.  

The main negative was that they only have a porta potty and there wasn't a light or any sort of glow stick inside. The holes were also a little hard to see, more glow sticks would have been great but it was still pretty good.

I recommend trying night golf if you haven't already, it was a fun time.

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Enjoy mini-golf?  Looking for a little greater challenge than the windmill?  Well than this is the place for you.  A gem within the gem of Lake Park is their golf course.  Its a par 3 course so all you need are a couple clubs to play it (I usually just take a putter and a 9 iron).  

This is probably the most diverse golf course you will find.  The people who play it range from a father teaching his young children the game, to people on a date messing around, to someone perfecting their short game to the old guy who has played the course everyday for the past 30 years.  

As for the course itself it is amazingly set up and dates back to the start of the park.  It is a full 18 hole course cleverly set up on a small piece of land.  I love the layout though small it is still challenging.  It is nice because playing time is much shorter than a normal full sized course as well.  Playing solo I can usually play a full 18 in a couple hours and with a group it usually takes about 2-3 depending on speed.  

Being a Milwaukee Country course the price is right as well at $7 a game.  Lake Park Golf Course is my favorite little gem of Milwaukee!

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