Lake Limerick Country Club

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I hate giving reviews that are less than favorable. However, my experiences here are less then stellar. The course is decent. The greens are well maintained. The thing that takes it from 3 or 4 stars is the people.

The customer service here was... unpleasant.  I felt like I was being treated as an ugly stepchild attending a family event at which I was unwelcome.  This is NOT a swanky country club. This is a 9 he course open to the public.

The man behind the counter was brusk to the point of being unfriendly. The marshal was hovering while we played. Upon returning the electric cart key it was even less pleasant.

Now, everyone has the occasional bad day. And maybe that was the case the day that I played. But, for me, I will not play here again unless a friend insists we play here or I know it is after the pro shop is closed and I can play for $10. The hassle just isn't worth it.

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A nine hole course with rude members that will not let you play through.  Some of the fairways are very wet and soft.  The greens are pretty nice compared to some of the other courses around here.  If you golf here count on being stuck behind a foursome of old ladies and don't bother waiting for a Marshall to speed things up.  Its been a while since I've golfed here but that's how my last few experiences have went.  There are a lot of golf courses within 50 miles of here to choose from.  Don't waste your time and money on this one.  2 stars just for nice greens.

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