Lake Lackawanna Golf Course

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A good course at a great price. The course is well maintained.

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20 bucks for a golf cart rental, 9 holes and a bag of tees, not a bad deal if I say so. The course it decently well maintained, the greens had some questionable spots that seemed to through off my less then amazing game. The lack of netting on the second whole makes me slightly worried as a miss places shot is not out of reach of someone's house, or possibly hitting someone walking on the street.

The guy behind the counter though was friendly and the carts did run well. I find it funny they have a bin of previously test golf balls for only $.75.  
What i like about this place is that you won't find that many people here and the course conditions keep more serious players away, which I like because I feel like less of an ass when I hit 3 over par on some holes.
This isn't the best golf course I've played on but it was defiantly fun and for the price id defiantly come back.

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