Laguna Woods Golf Course At Leisure World

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Granny got a kick azz golf course

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I've golfed at this private course numerous times. It used to be part of Leisure World complex until they incorporated into a city and changed the name. Now it sounds much less retirement-home-y and much more bucolic.

Regardless, this 36-hole course offers a variety of terrain, a decent number of challenges, a pretty fair non-member price, ridiculously cheap cart-rental fees and a whole lot of old people. Needless to say that the pace of play here is plenty slow, but golf wasn't meant to be a speed sport, so that's okay.

I normally golf the first and second nines, but I have an affinity toward the 2nd and 3rd nines as my 18. Neither course is particularly that much better, but hole 1 on the 2nd starts with a nice, long, downhill drive, a great way to start a round of 19 - a confidence builder that eventually ends in a long death march.

For residents, the off peak fee is around $8, and I think the guest fee is around $27. The cart fee is something in the range of $10. Everything is dirt cheap, but they're in the process of building a fancy new pro-shop facility so I'm sure prices will go up to pay for it.

An open-air driving range sits up across the street and sells similarly cheap buckets of balls... a great place to warm up before your round.

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