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This Review is for the golf course & its associated amenities.  The Clubhouse Bar only is also reviewed.  Having played here several times reciprocal with my own golf club The People at Lago and its facility have always been a pleasure.   Arrive to a well dated Florida type golf Clubhouse that could use a bit of an upgrade where Valet parking & self parking are available.   If self parking you can drop your clubs down near the bag drop if Valet they will handle it for you.  Small Members locker rooms are serviceable and nothing more.  The bar area is well dated as well overlooking the course with a very nice on the lower level Tikki type bar for an after round libation.  All and all adequate but nothing spectacular.

The Course itself is very nice and always in wonderful condition.  Nice Driving range with both real grass and grass mats when rain does not permit the latter.  Nice practice green large and a good feel for what you are about to experience.  Course is very wide open with nice carries over water from many tees.  Greens are expansive and undulating and quick when they want to be.   Nothing overly spectacular about the approaches or esthetics of the course but it is always well maintained and the staff is accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable.

Is it a 5 star golf & country club no, but extremely nice people, well maintained fun course to play that has all the serviceable amenities yes.  They do things correctly and I for one appreciated the permission to play at this private club during times when my own course is under renovation.

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I attended a Bat Mitzvah Party here over the weekend.  The room we were in was too small for the amount of people and the air conditioning did not function as expected.  It was very hot and stuffy for the entire party.
The head caterer was shouting throughout the distribution of food at the wait staff in the middle of the room.  She actually stood at our table and yelled out our names to distribute the food.  It was very unpleasant.  At one point the caterer and staff of the country club had a long loud discussion about the room directly behind my chair and in front of the other guests.  When salads were given out wait staff were yelling at each other.
Most people ordered the prime rib but I am a vegetarian.  I was served a plate of steamed vegetables, something I would expect at a 1 star establishment.  Later I looked on their regular menu and saw some much more interesting and tasty vegetarian options.  No thought was put into my dish even-though they knew months in advance that a vegetarian was attending.
There were not enough appetizers.  A sushi platter was placed on the side of the room and a long line formed.  When it ran out there was a long delay (25 minutes) to replace it.
The shape of the room was not conducive to the amount of people and type of party.  It was an oblong shape with a tiny dance floor, DJ and candle lighting table crowded in the middle so people on either end could not see well what was happening. The tables were packed together with little room to get through them.  To get to the bar I had to thread through 3 tables to reach it.  I can't imagine how bad it was for the other side of the room.
I could never recommend this place for an affair or wish to attend another there myself.

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