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I attended last summer for a wedding of a good friend.  I was expecting a lovely event and that's exactly what I got.

The room the event was held in was a bit strange (giant L-shaped room) but actually made for a good space to circulate and socialize.  and the views of the rolling hills and golf course of Onondaga Hill were beautiful.

Besides the room, the staff was friendly, my Malibu/pineapples were delish and the food came out piping hot.  

The bathrooms, located right outside the main reception room, were clean and large enough to fit the bride, her bridesmaids and me.  Oo!  and they had those big baskets full of random toiletries.  Who doesn't love those?  I'm pretty sure I walked away with a nail file & antibacterial soap.  Awesome.

Overall a lovely venue for a lovely wedding.

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Showed up a half hour before our tee time and was surprised to see the whole course now run out of a snack shack. The clubhouse is now off limits.. even to park at. While it has been hot and understandably I'd expect some browning of the course but it was in disrepair. It's obvious that there isn't much of a maintenance crew there and the players certainly don't help as most greens were pocked with ball marks and the tee boxes were shot. To top it off I was served with a raw $3 hotdog at the turn.

Very sad to see what was once a gem in Syracuse now look the way it does. Owner Mike Muracco should be ashamed. I feel sorry for those who purchased memberships. Sorry to say I won't return to this course again.

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