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Had the pleasure of playing here as a guest.   This course and clubhouse are beautiful.   The holes look fairly easy, but those greens will kill you.  If you are above the hole on the dime size greens, you will be back on the fairway, guaranteed.   I finally got the feeling for the greens after 10 holes.   Easy 3 putt, if you are lucky.  I was happy to par the last hole, par 5 :-)

I hope I get to come back and play again.

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La Rinconada Country Club epitomizes elitism and snobbery of the highest order. I played the course here as a guest and the staff were rude and obnoxious not only to my family, but also to their own members! I witnessed this first hand multiple times throughout the day (believe me, I gave them plenty of chances at redemption). The glorified caddies in the pro-shop were completely unprofessional, unpolished, and unbecoming. I was in shock and disbelief at how poorly this place was run. Furthermore,  the course's condition is not what I expected for the exorbitant fees they charge you. If you are desperate to pay obscene amounts of money to buy your way into a snobby society with a mediocre golf course attached to it, then look no further than La Rinconada.

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Rinconada is great. My parents have been members for a number of years, and my sister had her wedding reception there. I've played golf with my dad many times on the course, and our whole family frequently has dinner in the main dining room or the more casual Grill.

The course is gorgeous -- it is situated so that the first tee gives you a beautiful view of the valley, and then winds back up a hill to tree-lined fairways and a few good water holes. They did some work on it within the past year, so it may be even better now.

The clubhouse is lovely, with a grand fireplace at the entrance and a full bar, leading into the main dining room, which has views of the valley and the first tee. Outdoors, there are patio tables and fire pits. The Grill is a more casual room next door. The locker rooms are REALLY nice.

We've always been really happy with both the food and the service. The staff are so friendly, and do really neat things like create gummy bear sundaes for my 4 year-old niece. The food is tasty -- I've really enjoyed the soups, the salads, the entrees and the desserts. Honestly, my biggest challenge at our dinners there is figuring out what to order!

Fortunately, on buffet nights, there's no need to decide. We go to the Thanksgiving Day buffet each year and it's fabulous. Last Sunday, we went to a special fall buffet with the whole family, and we enjoyed delicious crab legs, oysters, prime rib and a host of other tasty features.

We used to belong to Saratoga Country Club and this is far and away superior -- it's hard to even compare the two. For its location, its course and its amenities, I think Rinconada must be the best country club in the South Bay.

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We were so happy with our choice to have our wedding at La Rinconada. The ceremony was on the 1st tee box which had an awesome view of the fairway and downtown San Jose in the far background. Its perfect for anyone who wants a short ceremony because the guests are able to stand on the patio rather than being seated. The reception room is conveniently located right next to where the ceremony takes place so the guests don't have to walk to another location which is awesome. Its big enough to fit a wedding party up to about 150 people. The staff is really what makes the day perfect though. Richelle and Kimmie are pro's at what they do. You don't need a separate wedding coordinator when you have your wedding here. Richelle takes care of everything leading up to the day. For the ceremony, Kimmie is able to handle all of the details with the bridal party. And during the reception, the staff if 100% on top of it. The food was delicious, the plates are cleared when finished instead of sitting on the table for a long time, and the Captain Nick is the man. His main job is taking care of the Bridal Party. If I was low on a drink, he was there with a new one. In the cellar room, which is a private room just for the bridal party, Nick keeps cocktails/beer in everyones hands that needed one and kept the appetizers fully stocked. Its a perfect venue with a huge dance floor and a full size bar that kept the lines down. This venue was by far the best place I've ever seen a wedding at and I'm glad I could say that I got married here.

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An absolute blast of a golf course! La Rinconada is the private club located in the hills of Los Gatos.

The new clubhouse is big and beautiful, looking over the first tee box. The course is a little shorter than others, but is still very challenging. The fairways are lined with trees, the greens are tiny little targets, and those tiny greens are surrounded by big bunkers.

Their signature hole is #14. A downhill par four with a lake and huge bunker to the front and left of the green. This hole is so gorgeous, it has been used as the cover for NCGA Magazine.

Overall, a great place to play. Thanks to my friends at La Rinconada!

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