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We had an event today and Brent and Carol made the experience so memorable. The food was exquisite, the views breathtaking, and the service is outstanding. I highly recommend the venue and loved the service. Once again thank you Brent and Carol for all you did.

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If you're looking for a somewhat outdoorsy wedding venue, this place foots the bill. I've been here twice now for weddings and even though the place looks a little outdated, don't be deterred from the service they provide here. From a guest's perspective, it was done well.

Wedding ceremony is held about 50 yards down the hill from the main entrance. They had golf carts driving people up to the reception area.
And when it was time for drinks, they poured it from the bar and guests can mingle in the room next door with glass windows and full view of the mountains. Not spectacular but just enough to make it feel like a country club.

The setup from the two different weddings I've been here were both different. I do have to say the wedding coordinator do take advantage of the views here when possible. Also of course, to focus on the bride and groom. The room itself is really not that big for the reception, I would say it can't hold more than 300 but I don't know the actual limitation of the size.

The food here is good, but not great. The kids were supposed to get their own chicken dish at first, but for some reason, they ended up getting chicken strips and fries. Thus, we ended up getting 1 chicken and 1 beef dish. Light char on the beef was tender but desperately needed more sauce because it tasted plain. The chicken was decent, not moist enough but tasty. Service throughout the night was good from the people. Although if you wanted water, we filled our glasses ourselves because the pitcher was on a stand next to us.

My only gripe here is that if you go to the men's restroom, it's the size fit for Smurfs. If you are trying to dry your hands, watch out for the door. Even the toilet stalls are narrow.  It's crazy small but just enough if you want to get in and out.  

One thing that was a nice touch inside the bathroom was they left deodorant by the sink and has a label: For you to use, but you keep afterwards.  Hilarious!

So for you SGV and maybe Pasadena folks looking for a wedding venue, this might be a choice for you if you have a smaller size wedding, with guests who doesn't like to go to the bathroom much and are mostly in the older crowd that don't mind older decor, this is for you.

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I really do like La Canada Flintridge Country Club and I miss the days when my family would sign up for their Summer Social membership.

It is such a great place to take your young kids swimming during the summer.   I loved it because I could chillax on the pool deck, read a book, chat with friends and enjoy a cocktail or two.  The lifeguards are always on top of everything as far as pool safety goes.

Now, I can't talk my son into going up there to swim, but La Canada High School plays golf there a few times a week.  I am so thankful that the club allows the school to use their course.

They have done a lot of renovations recently and the view up there is amazing.  In addition, it's a fun place to go on the 4th of July to watch fireworks and have dinner.  You can see the fireworks from the Rose Bowl and surrounding areas.

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Came here for a wedding.  Rating is for the reception food/service.  They offered bacon wrapped appetizer, vegetable wonton and chicken item wrapped in a pastry.  All were good especially the bacon wrapped item.  For dinner,  my hubby had the steak and i had the salmon.  Steak cooked to perfection and was flavorful and tender.  The salmon was tasty.  Little overcooked but would order another one if i could.  Veggies not overcooked like u find at most mass produced menus and thus flavorful and still had a crunch to it.  CONS: They provided a bread basket and not even everyone at the table got a breadroll.  Awkward.  They came around to refill the coffee but that's it.  Had to chase down  a waitress so we can get refill on the butter, creamer and sugar after not seeing him for 90 min.  Service could definitely improve.

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Great place for any occassion.  We went for a wedding here a couple weeks ago.  While it was freezing outside, it was warm and beautiful inside.  The food was good, the service stellar.  The only gripe I have is that they charge $14 for a rum and coke.  (And there's very little rum in the glass.)  I guess it's to be expected from a fancy shmancy country club though.

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