L.C. Boles Golf Course

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It's a golf course, in the most rudimentary sense.  There are tee boxes and areas with shorter grass that have holes with flags in them.  I'm almost certain there are people that have spent more on lunch off the McDonald's Dollar Menu than the college has spent on the maintenance of this course.  If you're looking to play golf in Wooster, this should be your last choice.

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This is not so nice of a golf course.  I keep going back because my parents live close to here and every so often the old man and I can sneak out and get a quick 9.

It's pretty short but the greens are small and hard to read.  Unfortunately they are also very inconsistent as far as their roll goes.  Some are fast and some are slow, but none of them are really that great.  I am pretty sure this place exists mostly to be a cross country course for the college.  The guy in the "pro shop," er... shack, wouldn't even let my pops get a pull cart because he was leaving at 8pm sharp and we wouldn't be done by then.  My dad actually tore his calf muscle playing tennis two months ago and had to haul his clubs himself, (although he never said a word about it).  He hauled 'em like a champ and we had a great time, but I had to consciously restrain myself from verbally abusing the old dude in the golf shack.

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