Kokomo Country Club

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I'm merely rating the "club" side and not the golf side as I am not a golfer.

I've been going to the country club since I can truly remember. It used to mean hanging out with people in my family that made me upset or uncomfortable but its definitely evolved for me.

My mom got a membership a few years ago and we've been really taking advantage of its convienance. The food here is always presented well and superb. I'm addicted to their greek salad with hot bacon dressing and their sauteed spinach *OMG!!*

They are also very helpful for all your event planning needs. They have VERY affordable rates, which most people don't expect I guess, for really nice quaility of services. They have several different sizes of rooms, all of which have a decent level of class that is hard to find at any of the other banquet halls in Kokomo (one perk is that the sewage treatment plant is NOT across the street. LOLLLL).

The pool and poolside services are awesome. I usually try to go by the pool and have a margarita and a greek salad as much as possible in the summer. They have a nice locker room to get ready in, as many as you need towels, free sunscreen, and lots of water toys. Very stress free. They also have a baby pool that few use but its great to sunbathe and stay cool...the reflective water also greatly improves you tan. :)

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