Knollwood Country Club

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This place has become my parents second home... literally!  The kids move away and my parents decide to become country club folk!  They go several times a week for golf, social gatherings, workouts, and meals.  Being members at Knollwood has brought a lot of joy to my parents, so I'm giving it 5 stars for that alone.

In addition to bringing joy to my parents, Knollwood is a wonderful destination for when the kids come home.  On a recent trip, we enjoyed Sunday brunch at Knollwood with my parents and grandfather.  I opted to use the workout room while my sister and bf golfed with my parents later that day... and we actually ended up having dinner that night there also.  (BBQ night - we couldn't pass that up!)

All of the people that work at Knollwood are extremely friendly from the Valet to the locker room attendant.  I still get a kick out of the fact that everyone there knows my parents by name.  I guess that's what the big bucks are for!

In all seriousness, Knollwood is a wonderful place and definitely worthy of 5 stars!

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