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I left here thinking Gee, i scored great and enjoyed myself. Front 9 is easy to walk. Back nine a little more hilly.

Not a Pebble Beach just a good local course.

Greens are slower but in great shape. Omaha has someone on staff who really understands how to take care of Bent Grass.

Only about 6100 yds from the Tips. A good place to play if you want an affordable day. I used to take my son here when he was young kid he always had fun.

He would play this course again.


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We have lived on the Knolls golf course for six years now. Since the city took it over two years ago there has been an enormous improvement. The course is much better maintained. The one area where I think some investment needs to be done is on the cart paths. Those are still pretty rough. This is a nice/casual course to play with reasonable prices. We always enjoy it when we get out there. There is a nice mix of long and short holes however be prepared for some distance on the back nine!

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Horrible.  If I could rate this 0 stars I would.......

Booked a tee time online, woke up at 7 am  to get ready for my tee time at 8 am.  I arrived early (7:45 am) and was the only car in the parking lot.  Pro shop bar doors were locked with lights off.  I figured I was just early, although usually there are workers already there before the first tee time.  I proceeded to warm up and practice on the putting green.  I waited until 8:30 and checked the doors to see if anyone snuck into the proshop/ bar one last time. Nope, the doors are still locked and i'm still the only person in the parking lot.    I understand that a golf course can close due to cold weather  and what not.  What makes me upset is when I attempted to get a refund through golfnow customer service tells me  the manager of the  Knolls tells them they were open so they are unable to issue a refund.   So, either the manager was badly mistaken or...lied.  The temps were in the 20s to 30s and I would at least want to playing a round of golf outside then just waiting for a place that was either a) closed for the day or b) the workers were extremely late.  Both scenarios show how irresponsible this establishment is.  I will not be coming here again, and will make sure I tell everyone about how irresponsible this establishment is.  Luckily I managed to golf at Tara Hills GC (5 star establishment) so my morning did not end up to be a total waste.

(I am currently en-route to an Amish town in Pennsylvania, as I am writing this review on my cellphone  and will update later)

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After having read the previous 3 reviews, and since me and my Bro booked a tee time yesterday, I considered going back to one of our "old faithful" tracks and blowing off The Knolls. The comment by Ken S. about the tee boxes is accurate, they suck. His comment about the greens is way off the mark, they are quick, curvy, and true. My one complaint is that the course seems to be overrun with west Omaha D-bags that are clueless about raking traps, repairing ball marks on the greens or randomly jumping around the course and slowing play. Overall I'd have to say I'll play this one again, a marshal on course to keep up pace would  put it in my top 10 courses in Omaha.

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Twilight is pretty cheap ($20 with a cart).  However, we were stuck behind some very slow groups.  We could have played 18, instead it turned in 12.  Also, the greens and tee boxes are in pretty bad shape.  It's not the worst place, but you have to be patient regarding pace of play and course condition.
The employees were nice and helpful.  However, they were telling people to go off of random holes.  For instance, they told one group to go off of 6.  Obviously going off 1 or 10 is normal but 6?  It makes me wonder if that is what led to some of the delays.

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