Kishwaukee Country Club

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My review will be short because I never got to set foot on this place. I am planning my wedding from 300 miles away and was looking for a reception venue. I received the information from the manager about what they offered, catering and what not. I was interested in have my reception outside under a big tent so I inquired about that. On the phone with the manager after a few rounds of phone tag, she let me know that they don't have tents and chairs and table for an outdoor reception; all that is rented and brought in. Then she continued to tell me it was going to really raise the price and be very expensive. The way she spoke to me felt like she was saying you can't afford this place. Not once did I give her my budget or price limits. I was very insulted by this. She said she would get me quotes for the tent and other rentals and never called me back. Clearly, she knew better than me and didn't want to work with me, although we had never met. I am very disappointed in the way I was treated and obviously will not have my reception there, let alone set foot on their property.

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