Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club

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I'm quite certain that playing an 18-hole round of golf and following it up with lunch in the clubhouse restaurant only scratches the surface at Kinsale G&FC.  Add to this fact I don't have any particulars about membership costs (ie. full membership, social, etc) and what do you get?  A review about GOLF and golf course.  Kinsale is an Arthur Hills-design and I like ones I've played (Mirasol, Club at Pelican Bay, TPC Eagle Trace - all in FLA; Palmetto Dunes - SC). I describe a Hills' design as a compilation of Donald Ross and Tom Fazio as he (Hills) uses closely mown areas around the green as run-offs;  chipping is at a premium; golfers can usually run shots on to the greens surfaces in the fronts (when they're not elevated).  Kinsale's greens in JUNE 2012 were immaculate!  Full of grass, no poe annua grass,... and very, very fast.  Kinsale's greens also hold shots well.  The design is fun and family-friendly which I'm sure is important as Kinsale is a family club.  I really liked the golfing experience, from the practice range, to the golf course - all good.  The club sandwich after play was tasty, albeit the bread used was a thick white bread (almost texas toast) and made biting the sandwich difficult.  So much to complain about, eh?  What I saw at Kinsale was very nice.  They have a huge pool and it was filled with what you'd expect; kids; moms and sitters, lifeguards.... the place was hopping.  My friend uses the health club services and she loves the classes they teach.  I would return for golf anytime, anytime to play Kinsale G&FC.

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To me this is the poor people's country club.  It's like have more money than the typical Lifetime Fitness member ($100/mo) but not as much money as the typical Wedgewood Country Club member ($400+/mo).  So at around $170/mo it's right in the middle of the two offering a golf course which lifetime doesn't have, but not quite as much class and luxury as Wedgewood.  

I have family who are members and I go with them.  The facility is quite nice and I hear they are building a "stag room" aka a men's only club.  I'm guessing it won't be as cool as stag rooms in the past where you could sit around smoking cigars, playing poker, watching the game, and drinking some bourbon...stupid indoor pollution laws.  

I haven't played the golf course yet, but I do have some passes so I'll give it a shot and update my review.  The restaurant is pretty good...I remember loving the chips and salsa but I can't remember the rest of my meal other than it was good.  The bar makes a great old fashioned and the service is what you would expect, great.

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