Kingswood Golf Course

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It's pretty rad that a city keeps an abandoned golf course open to the public, they even keep it manicured. Kingswood is truly a great place for dogs. Being an old golf course there are plenty of room for them to run around and well, be a dog. We brought a chuck-it and a couple of balls for the dogs. We have a great backyard where we can easily tire them out, but here, we can fling that ball as far as we want. Sadie (a Border Collie mix) laid down only after two throws. They even have a lake where the dogs can jump in and swim. The only downside about this park is that it is not fenced in to roads so if you aren't sure your dog will stay by you, you might want to keep them on their leash.

If you are into biking, this is the same park they use for the Kings Cyclocross race.

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